Louis Slobodkin

1903 - 1975

(2007 Kerlan Award)


The Kerlan Award is given "in recognition of singular attainments in the creation of children's literature and in appreciation for generous donation of unique resources to the Kerlan Collection for the study of children's literature." The books listed below are owned by the University of Minnesota Duluth Kathryn A. Martin Library.


Slobodkin, Louis. (1946). The adventures of Arab. New York : The Macmillan Company. INTR-FIC S6343ad

A magical wooden horse escapes from the carousel and has many adventures.

Slobodkin, Louis. (1955). The amiable giant. New York : Vanguard. PRIM-FIC S6342am

A wicked wizard tells the villagers that a giant is demanding all their goods, but a little girl learns what the giant really wants, and the villagers outwit the greedy wizard and make friends with the giant.

Slobodkin, Louis. (1949). Bixxy and the secret message. New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC S6343bi

Bixxy the carrier pigeon has an important message that must be delivered.

Slobodkin, Louis. (1945). Clear the track : for Michael's magic train. New York : Macmillan. PRIM-FIC S6342cl

Michael takes his father and sister on a wild, imaginary train ride.

Slobodkin, Louis. (1951). Dinny and Danny. New York : Macmillan. PRIM-FIC S6342di

Danny was a little boy who lived thousands and thousands of years ago and had a most unusual friend for a playmate called Dinny, the gentle dinosaur.

Slobodkin, Louis. (1944). The friendly animals. New York : Vanguard. PRIM-FIC S6342fr

A picture book designed to promote better understanding of familiar animals of hoof and horn among their youngest admirers.

Slobodkin, Louis. (1961). A good place to hide. New York : Macmillan. PRIM-FIC S6342GR

A little girl tries all sorts of places to hide, but a neighbor finds her behind a tree, the mailman finds her behind the rose bush, and Rover finds her in his doghouse.

Slobodkin, Louis. (1948). Hustle and Bustle. New York : Macmillan Co. PRIM-FIC S6342hu

Hustle and Bustle were two happy hippopotamuses who lived as very good friends next to each other in the zoo. But then one day, for no apparent reason, they were far apart and seemed angry at each other.

Slobodkin, Louis. (1944). Magic Michael. New York : The Macmillan Company. PRIM-FIC S6342ma

A little boy likes to pretend he is anything but a little boy, until his father arrives home with a surprise.

Slobodkin, Louis. (1951). Our friendly friends. New York : Vanguard Press. PRIM-FIC S6342ou

Verses and illustrations tell of a day's life among the friendly animals of the farm.

Slobodkin, Louis. (1968). Round trip space ship. New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC S6343ro

A boy tell his grandmother he is on a two week camping trip when actually he is traveling to the home planet of a friend from outer space.

Slobodkin, Louis. (1958). The space ship returns to the apple tree. New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC S6343sr

"An Earth boy joins his Martinean friend called Marty in space travel and adventure through the United States." The Bookseller

Slobodkin, Louis. (1952). The space ship under the apple tree. New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC S6343su 

Boy Scout Eddie discovers a space ship and a small little man in his grandmother's apple orchard. Marty, a young citizen of the planet Martinea, is taking a four-day vacation in the United States.

Slobodkin, Louis. (1962). The three-seated space ship : the latest model of the space ship under the apple tree. New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC S6343th

When the departure of their plane from New York to Albany is delayed for an hour and a half, a little boy, his grandmother, and his friend from outer space use the time to take a quick trip to London in the friend's space ship.

Slobodkin, Louis. (1959). Trick or treat. New York : Macmillan. PRIM-FIC S6342tr 

A pair of trick-or-treaters get treated to more tricks than they ever expected.


Twain, Mark. (1946). The adventures of Tom Sawyer. (Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin). Cleveland : World. INTR-FIC T9698AT & PS1306 .A1 1946X

The adventures of a mischievous young boy and his friends growing up in a Mississippi River town in the nineteenth century.

 Estes, Eleanor. (1944). The hundred dresses. (Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin). New York : Harcourt, Brace and Company.

In winning a medal she is no longer there to receive, a tight- lipped little Polish girl teaches her classmates some lessons about prejudice, friendship, and forgiveness.

Blanck, Jacob. (1948). Jonathan and the rainbow. (Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin). Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co. PRIM-FIC B6415JO

Jonathan fights a duel with his friend, a retired pirate captain, to make him free the rainbox he has trapped in his cellar.

Dickens, Charles. (1953). The magic fishbone : romance from the pen of Miss Alice Rainbird, aged seven. (Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin). New York : Vanguard Press. INTR-FIC D5483MAG

King Watkins the First is proud of his eldest daughter's magical gift but wonders why she isn't using it.

Thurber, James. (1943). Many moons. (Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin). New York : Harcourt, Brace and Company. PRIM-FIC T536M

Though many try, only the court jester is able to fulfill Princess Lenore's one wish.

Estes, Eleanor. (1942). The middle Moffat. (Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin). New York : Harcourt, Brace and Company.

Janey, the middle Moffat, has an imagination that leads her into many difficulties.

Estes, Eleanor. (1941). The Moffats. (Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin). New York : Harcourt, Brace and World. INTR-FIC E794MO

Portrays the adventure-studded existence of the poor, but resourceful, Moffat family, whose members live in a yellow house on New Dollar Street.

Estes, Eleanor. (1943). Rufus M. (Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin). New York : Harcourt, Brace and Company. INTR-FIC E794RU

The further adventures of the Moffat family in which seven-year-old Rufus attempts to rescue the family from financial distress.


Author/Illustrator Information

Bookology Children's Literature : Slobodkin, Louis

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