Charlotte Zolotow

1915 - 2013

(1986 Kerlan Award)


The Kerlan Award is given "in recognition of singular attainments in the creation of children's literature and in appreciation for generous donation of unique resources to the Kerlan Collection for the study of children's literature." The books listed below are owned by the University of Minnesota Duluth Kathryn A. Martin Library.


Zolotow, Charlotte. (1971). A father like that. (Pictures by Ben Shecter). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC Z86FA

A small boy tells his mother what he would like a father to be.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1984). I know a lady. (Pictures by James Stevenson). New York : Greenwillow. PRIM-FIC Z86I

Sally describes a loving and lovable old lady in her neighborhood who grows flowers, waves to children when they pass her house, and bakes cookies for them at Christmas.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1966). If it weren't for you. (Pictures by Ben Shecter). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC Z86IF

An older brother muses about all the advantages he would have if he were an only child, except for one big disadvantage.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1973). Janey. (Pictures by Ronald Himler). New York : Harper and Row. PRIM-FIC Z86JA

A young girl describes the loneliness she feels after her best friend moves away.

Zolotow, Charles. (1976). May I visit? (Illustrations by Erik Blevgvad). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC Z86may

A little girl asks if she may return home to visit when she grows up and no longer spills powder in the bathroom or knocks over the plants.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1962). Mr. Rabbit and the lovely present. (Pictures by Maurice Sendak). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC Z86M

Mr. Rabbit tries to help a little girl decide on the perfect birthday gift for her mother and together they finally do find the perfect gift.

Zolotow, Charles. (1957). Over and Over. (Pictures by Garth Williams). New York : Harper. PRIM-FIC Z86ov

A little girl and her mother observe the passage of the seasons as they celebrate the year's holidays, beginning with Christmas and ending after Thanksgiving with a birthday wish that the cycle begin all over again.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1963). The quarreling book. (Pictures by Arnold Lobel). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC Z86QU

The rain made the day gray and made everyone unhappy starting with Mr. James who passed it to Mrs. James and throughout family and friends until a dog refuses to be grouchy and starts everything off again but in the right direction.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1970). River winding; poems. (Pictures by Regina Shekerjian). London, New York : Abelard-Schuman. 811.54 Z86ri

Poems about nature, memories, and childhood experiences.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1970). The sky was blue. (Pictures by Garth Williams). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC Z86SK

A young girl learns that the really important things in life remain the same from one generation to the next.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1958). Sleepy book. (Pictures by Vladimir Bobri). New York : Lothrop, Lee and Shepard. PRIM-FIC Z86SL

Describes how each animal sleeps in its own special place, in its own special way.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1993). Snippets : a gathering of poems, pictures, and possibilities. (Illustrations by Melissa Sweet). New York : HarperCollins. 811 Z86s

A collection of verses selected from earlier books by Charlotte Zolotow.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1983, c1969). Some things go together. (Pictures by Karen Gundersheimer). New York : Crowell.  PRIM-FIC Z86so

Illustrations accompany couplets describing things that go together naturally, such as "Sand with sea" and especially "you with me."

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1965). Someday. (Pictures by Arnold Lobel). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC Z86SOM

A little girl imagines her life the way she would like it to be.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1982). The song. (Illustrated by Nancy Tafuri). New York : Greenwillow Books. PRIM-FIC Z86SON

Throughout the year, Susan hears a little bird inside her singing of the changing seasons, but no one else can hear it.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1953). The storm book. (Pictures by Margaret Bloy Graham). New York : Harper & Brothers. PRIM-FIC Z86ST

Pictures and text portray what happens during a thunderstorm in the countryside, city, and at the seashore.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1974). The summer night. (Pictures by Ben Shecter). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC Z86SU

After she and her father take a walk and have a bedtime snack, a little girl is finally tired enough to go to sleep.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1963). A tiger called Thomas. (Pictures by Kurt Werth). New York : Lothrop, Lee & Shepard. PRIM-FIC Z86TI

New to the neighborhood, Thomas is shy about making friends until he wears a tiger suit on Halloween.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1975). The unfriendly book. (Pictures by William Pène du Bois). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC Z86UN

Bertha thought that she was Judy's best friend and was jealous when Judy played with other kids.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1970). A week in Lateef's world: India. (Photos by Ray Shaw). New York : Crowell-Collier Press. 954 Z86w

Describes the home, family, customs, school, and amusements of an Indian boy living on a houseboat on Dal Lake in Kashmir.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1975). When the wind stops. (Pictures by Howard Knotts). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC Z86WGE

A mother explains to her son that dandelion fluff carries seeds, waves go back to the sea, the wind moves elsewhere, and other natural happenings.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1963). The white marble. (Pictures by Lilian Obligado). London, New York : Abelard-Schuman. PRIM-FIC Z86WH

Two children find beauty and wonder in the park on a hot night.

Zolotow, Charlotte. (1972). William's doll. (Pictures by William Pène Du Bois). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC Z86WI

William's father gives him a basketball and a train but these do not make him want a doll less.

Author Information

Berman, R. (2001). Charlotte Zolotow. The Kerlan Awards in children's literature, 1975-2001 (pp. 91-100). St. Paul: Pogo Press. Children REF PN 497 .K47 2001

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Charlotte Zolotow dies at 98; children's author (Los Angeles Times)


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