Teaching Materials Early Childhood/Elementary Kits

Bead-o-graph [kit]. (n.d.). TKE 200
Teaches color matching, geometric shapes, visual perception, coordination between hand and eye. 3 sets (49 varied geometric beads, 11 wooden sticks, 1 wooden board with holes, 2 game sheets each).

Beads and laces pattern cards for developing motor integration. [Game]. (1977). TKE 216
20 pattern cards and beads and laces designed to develop visual discrimination and visual memory. For preschool children.

Before-and-after sequential cards [kit]. (1978). TKE 234
Shows a familiar object in its original form and then shows the same object at a later stage. Shows a familiar object in its original form and then shows the same object at a later stage. 24 cards : col. + 1 guide.

Box of wooden shapes [kit]. (n.d.). TKE 213
Wooden blocks in the forms of farm animals and people for primary grades.

Brown stairs[realia]. (197?). TKE 202
Aids children in learning size distinction for preschool and primary grades.

Concentric squares [game]. (198?). TKE 239
Puzzle designed to develop discrimination of shape and size, visual constancy and fine motor coordination skills.

Concept assessment kit [kit] : conservation by Marcel L. Goldschmid & Peter M. Bentler. (1968). TKE 204
Used to assesss cognitive development among preschool and primary age children. Based on Piaget’s systematic developmental theory of cognitive structure. Parts marked KIT 525. 32 wood blocks, 12 poker chips, 1 Play Dough, 8 glasses, 1 dish, 6 egg cups and eggs, 2 boards, 24 barns, 2 sticks, 2 arrows, 1 bag of corn, manual and test sheets ; in container 41 x 36 x 9 cm.

Creative holidays : 100 unusual holiday ideas [kit] by James R. Clemens.(1971). TKE 232
An index file box set of activity cards designed to provide background information, game suggestions, bulletin board ideas, songs, poems, dances, and art exhibits for major holidays for elementary grades.

Curious George comes home [electronic resource]. (1996). TKE 251
Based on H.A. Rey's Curious George books. This program invites kids to be Curious George's playmate for the day, accompanying him on trips to the zoo, city and lake. As kids uncover and complete the original adventures they can print out and collect their own storybooks.

D[evelopmental] A[ctivities] S[creening] I[nventory] [kit] by Rebecca F. DuBose & Mary Beth Langley.(1977). TKE 201
Designed to test fine-motor coordination, cause-effect & mean-end relationships, association, number concepts, size discrimination & seriation between the ages of 6 months and 5 years.

Damselfly puppet [toy]. (1998). TKE 220
Damselfly is bright blue and black with pale blue wings.

Design discoveries [game]. (197?). TKE 219
Game can be used to develop skills in shape and color discrimination, spacial relationships, logical thinking, etc. For children 3 to 8 years old. 12 cards, 33 colored wooden pieces, instructions.

[Dragon puppet] [toy]. (2005). TKE 244
Puppet is dark green plush fabric with black plastic eyes, white fangs, and light green belly, ears and underside of wings.

Drug prevention for early childhood. (1996?). TKE 241
Contains picture books and adult materials designed to help young children develop the self-confidence, decision-making and critical thinking skills, and self-control which will enable them to avoid abusing drugs and alcohol as they grow older.

Early childhood curriculum by Celia Stendler Lavatelli. (1973). TKE 208 Pts. 1-4
Designed to foster skills in classification, number, space and measurement, and seriation. Piaget’s theory applied to an early childhood curriculum.--Guia para el maestro (3 copies).--Classification: Teacher’s guide and materials in 7 drawers.--Number, measurement and space: Teacher’s guide and materials in 6 drawers.—Seriation : Teacher’s guide and materials in 1 box. 

Feely bag and shapes [game]. (197?). TKE 228
Intended to help teach children how to verbalize descriptions of the shapes they feel in the bag. Designed for use by teachers and teaching assistants in nursery schools, day care centers, and primary classrooms. Includes 1 cloth bag, 8 shapes.

Halves to wholes cards. [kit]. (197?). TKE 235
The goal of the game is to draw from a mixture of 30 horizontally cut cards, pairing upper and lower halves so that the picture of an object is reassembled. A visual discrimination exercise that also teaches categorization and stimulates language development. The 30 pictures represent 6 examples in each of 5 categories: people, animals, trees, fruits and buildings.

Houghton Mifflin reading. Kindergarten. (2008). TKE 249
Kindergarten sampler letter, word and picture cards to go with Houghton Mifflin Reading - Kindergarten Teaching Materials Collection PE1117 .H6809 Pts. 1-10

KELP; Kindergarten evaluation of learning potential [Kit] developed by John A. R. Wilson and Mildred C. Robeck. (n.d.). TKE 237 Pts. 1-2
Designed as an instrument to evaluate and appraise the learning strengths of children in the classroom throughout the year.

LAP-D standardized assessment [kit]. (1992-1994). TKE 238
Measures young children’s gross motor, fine motor, language, and cognitive abilities for individualized planning. 9 plastic bags of test materials, 8 assessment manuals, 1 examiner’s manual, 1 technical report, 1 training manual, 1 guide for developing an individual program, 1 self-help observation checklist, 1 personal-social observation checklist, 1 set of 20 scoring booklets, 5 diamons design pads, 5 partial person pads, 5 plain pads, 2 8 1/2 x 11 paper pads, 2 plastic bags, 1 stop watch, 2 puzzles, 1 bat, 1 stick ; in carrying case, 33 x 54 x 30 cm.

Large parquetry blocks (wood) [realia]. (1968). TKE 214
May be used in a variety of ways; may be used in conjunction with the set of Large parquetry designs. 32 wooden blocks.

Large parquetry designs. [Realia]. (1968). TKE 210
May be used in a variety of ways; may be used in conjunction with the set of large parquetry blocks (113).

Learning activities for the young child [kit] by Patricia Miller. (1982). TKE 229
A comprehensive set of activities designed to facilitate the learning of specific target skills. 387 cards ; (13 x 21 cm.) in container.

Leopold Education Project [activity card] compiled by Cliff Knapp. (1995?). TKE 246
Each card contains an open-ended question, related to the essays found in Part I of A Sand County almanac, that students must answer through outdoor investigations.

Let’s begin the year [kit] : ideas for seasons and holidays by Doris Edmund. (1973). TKE 231
Idea cards with activities relating to each month of the school year and summer.

Let's begin. [Kit] by Doris Edmund. (1971). TKE 226
Idea cards for developing skills in art, math, language and literature, movement education, science and social relationships. For early childhood education.

Making sense with syntax [game] : footsteps of the dinosaurs by Elaine Burke Krassowski. (1998). TKE 248
Designed to address difficulties with acquisition and use of syntactic structures and morphologic constructs. Includes 8 card decks, 2 dice, counters, 10 dinosaur cutouts, playing board, in box [25 x 25 x 7 cm.]

Montessori red and blue sticks [realia]. (197?).  TKE 242 Pts. 1-2
Made up of 20 bars of various graduated sizes, some solid colors, some banded. Enables preschool children to visualize fractions without using numbers. For preschool education. 20 bars in various sizes, in 3 containers.

More let’s begin [Kit]. (1972). TKE 227
Includes ideas for developing skills in art, math, language and literature, movement education, science, and social relationships for early childhood education.

Partners for learning [kit] by Joseph Sparling ... [et al.] (1996). TKE 212
Provides materials to support and develop a learning partnership between child and adult (early childhood curriculum: birth to 24 months). Infants, toddlers and twos kit. 9 posters, 5 workbooks, 1 handbook, 1 training guide, 291 activity cards, 76 picture cards, 10 books, 5 issues of partnership papers, 20 copies of educational assessment instrument, 20 copies of cumulative record of activities experience ; in box, 31 x 26 x 24 cm.

Peabody developmental motor scales and activity cards [kit]. (1983). TKE 203
Standardized, individually administered test that measures gross and fine motor skills of children from birth to 83 months. Contains 1 manual (165 p. : ill.), 2 black line masters cards (22 x 28 cm.), 15 response/scoring booklets, 1 box of activity cards (282 cards), 14 wooden shape blocks, pegboard with 3 pegs, cardboard formboard with three cardboard shapes, 5 cards, 1 plastic bottle and cap, 6 wooden beads, 2 shoelaces, 1 wooden spool and string, 2 button strips (3 buttons each), and hinged cardboard box.

Peabody early experiences kit. [Kit]. (1976). TKE 215 Pts. 1-5
A self-contained set of lessons and materials designed to promote the affective, cognitive and linguistic development of pre-kindergarten children through group instruction. 4 cloth bags, 2 cloth balls, 186 beads, 4 cassettes, pocket chart, easel, template folder, 2 lesson manuals, 6 minidecks, 30 small objects, 335 photopictures, mini basketball hoop, 4 bags, Pazoo’s pouch, 4 puppets, 15 rope sections, 27 songcards, sound makers, 18 storycards, 80 storypictures, and 2 teacher’s guides. In 3 containers and easel and pocket chart separate.

Piagetian attainment kit [Kit]. (197?). TKE 207
36 tests easily adminstered for the determination of developmental stages of children in elementary school. For primary education. examiner’s guide, 3 plastic cylinders, assorted manipulative pieces, in container.

Pink tower. [Game]. (197?). TKE 206
Ten pink wooden cubes varying from 1-10 cm. used by elementary school children for encouraging the comparison of dimensions.

Portage guide to early education by David Shearer ... et al. (1972). TKE 230
Guide for teachers and others who need to assess a child’s development from mental ages of birth to 6 years. For normal preschool children or older handicapped children. 69 cards in box ; 13 x 21 cm.

Preschool framework : a planning method with activities BY Jane Ilene Davidson. (1980). TKE 221
"A complete system for planning and carrying out a problem of early childhood education." 40 p. : ill ; 21 cm. & 84 color coded activity cards in container.

Purple geometric-shaped blocks [realia]. (n.d.). TKE 205
13 purple wooden blocks in various shapes and sizes. Can be used in teaching shapes and sizes. For preschool us

Red and blue metal templates [kit]. (197?). TKE 217
Consists of 20 templates for making drawings of shapes. For early childhood education.

Same or different color cards [kit] by Laura Lehtinen Rogan and Charlotte E. Larson. (1970). TKE 224
Teaches differences between items and how to verbalize these differences. 30 cards, guide.

Same or different proportion cards [kit]. (1972). TKE 223
Consists of 30 cards, divided into pairs of cards, each card showing two color pictures of the same object. The pictures may be identical or differ in either height, width, or length. Through the use of these cards, pupils practice their visual discrimination of likenesses and differences, as well as gaining some understanding of proportion and quantitative concepts. For preschool, kindergarten and grade one. 30 cards, instruction sheet.

Same or different size cards. [kit] by Laura Lehtinen Rogan and Charlotte E. Larson. (1970). TKE 222
Teaches differences between items and how to verbalize these differences. For special education.

Sequential picture cards [kit] : Level I. (1972). TKE 236
Designed to teach concepts of consecutive action and cause-and-effect. Includes 7 sets of 2-step sequences and 6 sets of 3-step sequences. For elementary education. 30 cards : col. ; 11 x 14 cm. + information sheet.

Sequential picture cards IV [flash card]. (1972). TKE 233
A set of 24 cards used to develop logical thinking and observation skills. For special education. 24 flash cards, instruction sheet, individualized education plan sheet.

Shapes & colors [flash card]. (2011). TKE 250
"Using flash cards makes discovering shapes & colors more fun. Ideal for individuals or small groups."--Container. Includes 35 double-sided cards with colored shapes on one side and their description on the other, and one card with the rules of the game and suggested games.

Size and shape puzzle [kit]. (1977).  TKE 211
Puzzle designed to develop discrimination of shape and size, visual constancy and fine motor coordination skills.

SRA Open Court reading. Level 1. (2002).  TKE 243
SRA Open Court reading audiocassettes samplers (9): Alphabet sound card stories (level K); sound spelling card stories (levels 1-3); Unit 1 big book School (Level K); Unit 1 big book Let's read (Level 1); Unit 1 Sharing stories (Level 2); Unit 1 Friendship (Level 3); Unit 1 Risks and consequences (Level 4); Unit 1 Cooperation and competition (Level 5); and Unit 1 Preservation (Level 6). SSRA Open Court reading CD-ROM samplers (6): Alphabet book and decodable book activities; Assessment; Research assistance (Levels 2-6); Spelling software (Levels 1-6); Teacher management; and Writing software. These resources supplement SRA Open Court reading located in Teaching Materials Collection PE1117 .O63 2002 & Suppls. 1-9.

The High/Scope child observation record [kit].: : for ages 2 1/2 – 6. (1992). TKE 209
4 anecdotal notecard decks, 1 poster, 24 assessment booklets, 1 manual, 2 pads of parent report forms ; in box 23 x 29 cm.

The Work sampling system [kit]. (1994-1996). TKE 245
Performance assessment providing alternatives to group-administered, norm-referenced achievement tests preschool through fifth grade. Guide by Margo L. Dichtelmiller, Judy R. Jablon. professional development guide, 5 portfolio review materials sets (preschool-kindergarten), 5 portfolio review materials sets (kindergarten-fifth grade), 5 summary report materials sets (Ashley), 5 summary report materials sets (Matthew), 3 sets of masters ; in container 45 x 25 x 29 cm.

Wee shapes [game] : pick-a-shape, shape-a-shape. (1981). TKE 218
Game can be used to develop motor skills and cognition abilities. For children 3 to 7 years old. 4 pattern sheets, 4 spongy layout boards, 1 plastic tray, 1 die, 12 colored picture cards, 40 colored plastic shapes, 1 plastic bag, 1 instruction sheet. 

Wooden playtime [game]. (197?). TKE 225
Wooden play pieces including people, animals, cars, trucks, trees in different colors. For children 3 to 6 years old. 40 wooden pieces.

Word family picture wheels. (19??). TKE 247
Targets standards in developing vocabulary and in understanding picture/word correspondence. 37 2-layered cardboard wheels in container (18 x 13 x 17 cm).

Work with Invicta Attribute Blocks [slide]. (197?). TKE 240
A teacher’s guide to Invicta Attribute Blocks, many examples of activities for young children are given. 80 slides : col. ; 5 x 5 cm. & script.


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