Teaching Materials Social Studies Kits

A social history of women [kit] by Shiela C. Robertson and Kathleen O’Brien. (1986). TKSS 700
Unit of study on the social history of women, concentrating on women from Minnesota. Includes general lessons on women’s history, and lessons on six "non-famous" historic women: Mathilda Tolksdorf Shillock, Linda James Benitt, Theresa Ericksen, Mary Longley Riggs, Caroline Seabury, and Ethel Ray Nance. For elementary grades. 7 booklets, 6 posters : b&w and col. ; in portfolio, 26 x 39 x 3 cm.

A Visit to Colonial Williamsburg [Slide]. (1978). TKSS 713
Follows the tourist route through Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. Shows various buildings and gardens in order as they appear along the way. Shows the interiors and exteriors of major exhibition buildings. " With lecture notes. Revised 3/21/78."

Black studies [kit]. (1973). TKSS 702
Examines some of the significant aspects of Black American culture. 1. African heritage. 9 cards.--2. Slavery & Civil War. 16 cards.--3. Reconstruction & Jim Crowism. 13 cards.--4. Twentieth century. 32 cards.--5. Literature & dramatic arts. 14 cards.--6. Music. 12 cards.--7. Sports. 6 cards.--8. Famous black Americans. 33 cards.--9. Bibliography. 7 cards. 142 activity cards, 1 foreword card, 1 table of contents card, 1 title card, and 9 divider cards in container.

Coat of arms. by Catherine Daly-Weir ; illustrated by Jeff Crosby. (2000). TKSS 725
Traces the origins of coat of arms and the rules that govern their use and design. Includes a stencil to help the reader design their own coat of arms. 31 p. : col. ill. ; 24 cm. + 1 plastic stencil.

Developing understanding of self and others. [Kit] by Don Dinkmeyer. (1970). TKSS 704
Designed to help children better understand social emotional behavior and may be used by teachers, elementary school counselors, and others as a developmental guidance program.

Developing understanding of self and others : DUSO D-2. [Kit] (1973). TKSS 705
A program of activities designed for upper primary and grade 4 levels, ages 7-10, to help teach concepts of social and emotional behavior.

Dr. PlayWell’s don’t pick on me game [game]. (2005). TKSS 722
Designed to help children learn to deal with bullying and teasing in a non-threatening atmosphere. For 2-4 players, ages 6-12. 1 game (1 board, 16 figures, 1 spinner, 72 game cards, 16 stands, 100 chips, 1 assessment card, 1 answer sheet (two-sided), 1 booklet of instructions) ; in box 6.5 x 29 x 24 cm.

Dr. PlayWell’s game of self-control [game]. (2005). TKSS 734
Designed to help children learn the importance of self-control at school, in their homes and communities, and in personal habits. For 2-4 players, ages 6-12. 1 game (1 board, 2 dice, 4 pawns, 48 game cards, 100 chips, 1 assessment card, 4 colored circles, 1 booklet of instructions) ; in box 6.5 x 29 x 24 cm.

Dr. PlayWell’s game of social success [game]. (2004). TKSS 723
Designed to help children get to know one another while playing games and learn social skills that can be used immediately with other players. For 2-4 players, ages 6-12. 1 game (1 board, 4 playing pawns, 1 egg timer, 1 spinner, 48 social success cards, 1 skills assessment card, 1 pad of questionnaires, 1 pad of success certificates, 1 booklet of instructions) ; in box 6.5 x 29 x 24 cm.

Escapades! [flash card]. (1996). TKSS 709
Box of 300 different games, challenges, energizers, mind stumpers, tongue twisters, alternate versions to traditional sports and games. For all ages; 2 or more players. 350 activity cards : b&w ; in box 18 x 10 x 12 cm. + 11 dividers.

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders [kit] : education & prevention curriculum. (2006). TKSS 730
A school-based curriculum for grades K-12 that provides age-appropriate information about the consequences that alcohol can have on human development. The curriculum also teaches youth to be tolerant and accepting of all individuals regardless of their individual capabilities or disabilities. 5 books, 5 computer optical discs, 1 model of brain with stand and guide card.

Here’s looking at you, demo kit. Grades 7-9 [kit]. (2001). TKS 714
Demonstration kit for preview purposes with a sampling of the materials contained in the complete "Here’s looking at you". A research-based, mixed-media prevention program focused on the gateway drugs of alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana. Designed to promote healthy norms, increase protective factors, and reduce risk factors that have been correlated with drug use. Developed around three components: giving students current and accurate information, teaching them social skills, and providing opportunities for them to bond with their school, their families, and their community. 3 posters, 1 audiocassette, 3 videocassettes, 1 book, 1 magazine, 1 teacher’s guide with CD-ROM, 2 inventory/ordering pages ; in container, 31 x 35 x 12 cm.

Harcourt horizons. (2003). TKSS 728
About my community (grade 2) -- People and communities (grade 3) -- States and regions (grade 4) -- United States history (grade 5) -- World regions (grade 6). Grades K-6/7.

Harcourt horizons. (2005). TKSS 729
About my community (grade 2) -- People and communities (grade 3) -- States and regions (grade 4) -- United States history: beginnings (grade 5) -- World history (grade 6).

Just choices [videorecording] : exploring social justice today. (19??). TKSS 721
This video complements the Just Choices program as it teaches students about a modern-day social justice movement. The video documents the journeys of four high school students as they investigate the roles and treatment of animals in society for a class project on social justice. As the students learn about the movement, its victories and struggles, and the role of animals in society, they realize that they can make a difference through the choices that they make. 1 videocassette (21 min.) : col. ; 1/2 in. + teacher’s guide (6 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.) + 1 poster + 5 activity sheets.

Mix-n-match cards [game]. (1995). TKSS 717
Geography term-n-definition -- Historical character-n-achievement -- Historical event-n-date -- State-n-abbreviation -- State-n-capital -- Sports. v. of cards : ill. ; 28 cm.

My cup runneth over : value game [kit]. (1973). TKSS 701
Assists players in communicating personal values and interpreting the values of others.

My friends and me. [Kit] by Duane E. Davis. (1977). TKSS 716
A carefully balanced program of group activities and materials designed to help teachers and parents assist the healthy personal and social development of young children. For preschool education.

[Positive behavior poster collection] [picture]. (2003). TKSS 724
Posters designed to help encourage good behavior in children through positive reinforcement. Say it with signs -- Caught you being good -- Rules & consequences chart. 3 posters : col. ; 60 x 46 cm. + 3 directions sheets, 2 felt markers.

Project ALERT [videorecording] : a drug prevention program for middle grades. (2003). TKSS 715
A two year, fourteen lesson plan program for middle school students, which focuses on drugs that adolescents are most likely to use: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and inhalants. Parent involved homework assignments extend the learning process. Project ALERT -- A guided tour -- Let’s talk about marijuana -- Pot: the party crasher -- Lindsey’s choice -- Pot or not? -- Clearing the air -- Saying no to drugs -- Paul’s fix -- Resisting peer pressure. Videotape dates run from 1996-2002 ; teacher’s guidebook is copyrighted for 2003. Grades 6-8. 9 videocassettes : sd., col. ; 1/2 in. + 1 loose-leaf teacher’s guidebook + 12 posters. Multimedia VC 4713 Pts. 1-9 & suppl. & TKSS 715

Raccoon circles [kit] : a handbook for facilitators. (2001). TKSS 718
Intended to teach coworkers to work as a team while performing various games. 1 piece of nylon webbing; 2 books.

Relocation of Japanese Americans [picture]. (197?). TKSS 719
 Photographs of Japanese Americans who had to leave their homes and businesses during World War II. 15 study prints : b&w. ; 28 x 36 cm. + 1 explanatory sheet.

Skillstreaming the adolescent [kit] by Arnold P. Goldstein ; Ellen McGinnis. TKSS 733
Program for teaching prosocial skills. Skill cards list the steps needed to successfully perform each of the 50 prosocial skills outlined in skillstreaming the adolescent. 337 p. : 23 cm. + 400 skillcards : (col. ; 8 x 13 cm.) + 1 program form (43 p. ; 28 cm.) + 1 student manual. (60 p. ; 28 cm.)

Skillstreaming the elementary school child [activity card] : skill cards. (1997). TKSS 710
Skill cards list the steps needed to successfully perform each of the 60 prosocial skills outlined in "Skillstreaming the Elementary School Child. 480 cards : col. ; 8 x 13 cm.

Social studies strategies. [flash card] by Annette Sue Hart. (1972). TKSS 703
Social studies activities emphasizing student involvement and including dramatic play, role playing, simulation games, map experiences, documents and ancient writing, and making filmstrip. For elementary education.

The land of Tutankhamen [chart] produced by Sunday Times Special Projects Unit. (1972). TKSS 732
Presents Egyptian civilization at the time of Tutankhamen, 1361-1352 B.C. Includes descriptions of Tutankhamen, Egyptian kingship, pyramid construction, hieroglyphics. 1 wall chart : col. ; 98 x 74 cm., folded to 25 x 19 cm.

The story grammar marker [kit]. (2002). TKSS 727
Kit provides methods for organizing the integration of thinking, speaking and writing skills in the classroom. Grades K-5. 1 teacher’s marker (27 in.) ; 1 guide (195 p.).

This is my home [kit] : a Minnesota human rights education experience. (2005). TKSS 731
The goal of the kit is to integrate and simplify human rights education in K-12 schools statewide. The objectives are to engage all members of the school community in creating a learning environment in which everyone can grow to their full potential with their human rights and human dignity upheld; to motivate all members of the school community to take responsibility in promoting and protecting human rights, so that student achievement, development, and performance can thrive; to develop new tools for sharing and monitoring emerging human rights education practices. 2 booklets, 1 computer optical disc, 1 DVD, 1 pamphlet, 5 guide cards.

TimetoEnrich : grades 7-12 activity kit : instruction manual. (2002). TKSS 726
Presents activities that educate as well as entertain in the areas of social development, healthy living, citizenship, and career awareness. Cards present 180 activities and the leader’s guide contains a CD-ROM with reproducible worksheets, sample letters to parents, praise certificates, and a list of resources. Grades 7-12. 187 p. ; ill. : 28 cm. + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.) + 180 activity cards (in box 20 X 16 X 9 cm.)

Turtle puppet [toy]. (2008). TKSS 735
Turtle plush puppet with Western Hemisphere on shell, green head, green feet with yellow soles, yellow underbelly and edge of shell, purple mouth, and embroidered eyes.

World map in equal area presentation: Peters projection. (1983). TKSS 707
 "One square inch on the map = 158,000 square miles."


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