Selected Women's Studies Reference Materials

These materials were chosen based on their date of publication and the information that they provide. They can all be located on the 2nd floor of the Library reference collection at their assigned call numbers.


Encyclopedias Statistical Sources
Dictionaries &Glossaries Bibliographies, Chronologies & Other
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Encyclopedias Back to Top

A to Z of American Women Writers. Kort, Carol. Ref PS 147 .K67 2000 American Women in Technology: an encyclopedia. Zierdt-Warshaw, Linda. Ref T36 .Z54 2000

The encyclopedia of women's history in America. Cullen-DuPont, Kathryn. REF HQ 1410 .C85 1996 Attempts to include information about the "organizations founded, the books and newspapers published, the speeches given, the documents signed, the demonstrations and conventions held, legislative actions proposed and enacted, the task forces and committees convened, and the legal rulings rendered," all in the context of America's women's history.

Encyclopedia of Women and Religion. Benowitz, June Melby, ed. REF BL 2525 .B45 1998

Encyclopedia of Women and World Religion. 2 vols. Young, Serenity, ed. REF BL 458 .E53 1999

Encyclopedia of Women and Sport in America. Oglesby, Carole L., ed. REF GV 709 .E53 1998

The Encyclopedia of Women in American Politics. Schultz, Jeffrey D. and Laura van Assendelft, eds.
REF HQ 1236.5 .U6 E53 1999
Information on policy issues, politicians, political writers, events, laws, political organizations, etc.

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women: global women's issues and knowledge. Kramarae, Cheris.
REF HQ 1115 .R69 2000 4 vols.

Women's issues, 3 vols. McFadden, Margaret, ed.
REF HQ 1115 .W6425 1997
Contains articles in a traditional encyclopedia format on a broad range of topics affecting women. Also includes some black and white photos.

Women in the third world: an encyclopedia of contemporary issues. Stromquist, Nelly P., ed.
REF HQ 1870.9 .W6548 1998
"Seeds to provide a feminist perspective on issues involved in socioeconomic development of the Third World countries." Sample major chapter headings include: "Sex-role Ideologies," "Marriage and the Family," "Movements for Change," etc. Also includes an annotated bibliography.

Dictionaries and Glossaries Back to Top

A Feminist glossary of human geography. McDowell, Linda and Joanne Sharp, eds.
REF G63 .G5 1999
Definitions of terms and concepts related to human geography and cultural studies.

A Glossary of feminist theory. Andermahr, Sonya, Terry Lovell and Carol Wolkowitz.
REF HQ1190 .A53 1997

Historical dictionary of feminism. Boles, Janet K and Diane Long Hoeveler.
REF HQ1115.B65 1996
Provides a chronology of feminism, a list of acronyms, a brief overview of the history of feminism, a dictionary of terms, names and movements associated with the history of feminism, and an extensive bibliography on feminism.

The Dictionary of feminist theory, 2nd ed. Humm, Maggiee.
REF HQ1115 .H86 1995
Aims to "show how feminist theory both challenges, and is shaped by, the academy and society"

Almanacs, Handbooks and Directories Back to Top

Handbook of American Women's History. Howard, Angela M.
Ref HQ 1410 .H36 2000

Our bodies ourselves for the new century. Boston Women's Health Book Collective
REF HQ 1426 .B69 1998

Reader's Companion to U.S. Women's History. Mankiller, Wilma, ed. 1998
REF HQ 1410 .R43 1998

U.S. women's interest groups: institutional profiles. Slavin, Sarah, ed.
REF HQ1904 .U2 1995
Focusing on national women's issues, this work provides information on organizations. Most entries include the following: address; origin and development; organization and funding; policy concerns and tactics; electoral activities; and further information.

Statistical Sources Back to Top

American women: who they are and how they live.
REF HQ1421 .A486 1997
Examines changing attitudes and lifestyles of American women. Provides many statistics and charts and makes projections about future trends. Covers areas such as education, health, income, etc.

Statistical handbook on the American Family. Chadwick, Bruce A. ed.
REF HQ 1410 .R43 1998

Statistical handbook on women in America, 2nd ed. Taeuber, Cynthia M., ed.
REF HQ1420 .T34 1996
Provides a multitude of statistics on women in America.

Statistical record of women worldwide, 2nd ed. Schmittroth, Linda, ed.
REF HQ 1150 .S73 1995
Provides comparative and historical data on the lives of women worldwide from a variety of sources. Major areas of coverage include: attitudes and opinions, business and economics, crime, domestic life, education, health, income, etc.

Women-Owned Businesses, 1997 Economic Census.
Ref HD 2346 .U5 E268 2001

The World's Women, 2000: Trends and Statistics. United Nations.
Ref HQ 1154 .W675 2000

Bibliographies, Chronologies and Other Back to Top

Feminism and Christian Tradition: an annotated bibliography and critical introduction to the literature. Walsh, Mary Paula.
REF BT 83.55 .W34 1999

Feminist chronicles 1953-1993. Carabillo, Tony, Judith Meuli and June Bundy Csida.
REF HQ1420 .C33 1993
Divided into three parts: part I looks at feminism over the last four decades; part II contains charts divided into three major sections (events, issues and the Backlash); part III contains "The Early Documents" of the feminist movement.

The Women's atlas of the United States. Fast, Timothy and Cathy Carroll.
REF G1201 .E1 G5 1995

Lesbians in print: a bibliography of 1,500 books with synopses.
REF HQ75.5 .G55 1995
Designed to provide information that will reflect, nurture, educate and entertain the Lesbian community. Arranged alphabetically by title, each entry contains a brief description about the book. Also includes subject, author, and publisher indexes.

Women's rights. Lunardini, Christine A.
REF HQ1236.5 .U6 L85 1996
Provides a "concise overview of the issues and ideas that have influenced women's history from the earliest European settlements at Jamestown, Massachusetts, to the most recent events that continue to affect the lives of women today."

Chronology of women's history. Olsen, Kirsten.
REF HQ 1121 .O47 1994
Lists some of the landmarks in women's history from 20,000 BC to 1993.

Biographies Back to Top

American reform and reformers: a biographical dictionary. Miller, Randall M., ed.
REF HQ 1412 .A46 1996

American Women prose writers to 1820. Mulford, Carla with Angela Vietto and Amy E. Winans, eds.
REF PN 6010.5 .D5 V.200 1999

American Women prose writers, 1870-1920. Harris, Sharon M., ed.
REF PN 6010 .D5 v. 221 2000

Black Women Scientists in the United States. Warren, Wini.
Ref Q 141 .W367 1999

Celebrating Women Coaches: a biographical dictionary. Hawkes, Nena Ray.
Ref GV 697 .A1 H367 2000

Dictionary of Women Artists. 2 vols. Gaze, Delia, ed.
REF N 8354 .D53 1997

The Female dramatist: profiles of women playwrights from the Middle Ages to the contemporary times. Partnow, Elaine T., ed.
REF PN 471 .P37 1998

Latin American women artists of the United States: the works of 33 twentieth-century women. Henkes, Robert.
REF N 6538 .H56 H36 1999

Native American women: a biographical dictionary. Bataille, Gretchen M., ed.
REF E 98 .W8B38 1993

Native American Women Writers. Bloom, Harold, ed. and introduction.
REF PS 153 .I52 N38 2000X

Norton/Grove dictionary of women composers. Saide, Julie Anne, ed.
REF ML 105 .N38 1994

Notable Hispanic American women
Book I. Diane Telgen, ed. REF E 184 .S75 N68 1993
Book II. Joseph M. Palmisano, ed. REF E 184 .S75 N68 1998

Notable women in the life sciences: a biographical dictionary. Shearer, Barbara, ed.
REF QH 26 .N68 1996

Notable Women Scientists. Proffitt, Pamela, ed.
REF Q141 .N736 1999

Outstanding women athletes: who they are and how they influences sports in America. Woolum, Janet.
REF GV 697 .A1 W69 1998

Trouble girls: the Rolling Stone book of women in rock.
O'Dair, Barbara, ed.
REF ML 394 .T76 1997

Victorian Women Poets. Thesing, William B., ed.
REF PN 6010.5 .D5 V. 199 1999

Women filmmakers and their films. Unterburger, Amy L, ed.
REF PN 1998.2 .W66 1998

Women in context: two hundred years of British women autobiographers, a reference guide and reader. Kanner, Barbara Penny.
REF HQ1593 .A3 K35 1997
"(A)n analytical, critical, and biographical guide to 1,040 published narrative autobiographies by 812 British women of all Social classes....from the early eighteenth to the early twentieth centuries."

Women public speakers in the United States, 1925-1993: a bio-critical sourcebook. Campbell, Karlyn Kohrs, ed.
REF HQ1412 .W68 1994
Biographies about women activists whose work has taken place since 1925. Each biography includes a bibliography.

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