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Printing in the Library

Printing Fees:

Laser Printer Type Regular size Large size
Black & white laser printing (1st, 2nd, 3rd floors) 8.5 x 11" is .05 per page 11 x 17" is .20 per page
Color laser printing   (on library's first floor) 8.5 x 11" is 1.00 per page 11 x 17" is 2.50 per page

About Printing

Floors 1, 2, and 3 have at least one public printing station. When you print, your job goes into the print queue and your printouts can be released from any print station on campus. You can also send to library printers from your wireless or wired laptop. See instructions to configure your computer for printing to lab printers.

Cash to Card Machine on first floorBefore you can print, you must add value to your U Card or "guest print card" at one of the cash-to-card machines (embedded in the wall near the library's first floor restrooms). Outside the library, cash-to-card machines are located at the Kirby Information desk and in the Swenson Science building. If you do not have a U Card, you can purchase a "guest print card" for $1.00 at any cash-to-card machine.

When you send a job to the print system, it sits in the queue until you go to a printer station, swipe your U Card or "guest print card" through the small black card reader, highlight your print job on the screen, and click "print." You also have the option to delete. Your printout should emerge from the adjoining laser printer. (See locations at the bottom of this page). Print jobs not claimed within two hours are automatically deleted from the queue.


Printing Problems

If you have trouble with printing, card readers, or computers in general, visit a ITSS lab consultant on floor 1 (to the right of the circulation desk), or floor 3 (at the top of the stairs) Or call the ITSS TechCenter at 218-726-8847.


What if I'm Using a Guest Computer?

To print from a guest computer, you need a "guest print card" with money on it. The printing instructions will be the same from here to the bottom of this page, (see "step-by-step" below).


Step-By-Step Printing For All Computers in the Library

Step 1 - In your browser or program, click File / Print Preview. This shows what would be printed. From this you can decide which pages you need. Also, you can adjust margins or font size to pare down your page count.


Step 2 - Click on Print.
If you want color, drop down the printer "name" box to choose color. Also choose whether you want to print all pages or just a range. Click on OK to print.

Step 3 - Go to a printer station.
Swipe your card through the attached card reader. [more about the card swipe system]

Debitek Card Reader


Step 4 - The screen will show a list of print jobs in queue. Highlight your job (print one at a time). Click Print at the bottom of the screen. Your printouts should emerge immediately from the laser printer. Click logoff.

What if I need help?
You can get help from any one of the service desks (First floor ITSS lab consultant at the far-right side of the Circulation desk; second floor Research & Information desk; or the third floor help desk at the top of the stairs.) Or call the TechCenter at 218-726-8847.

Your print job highlighted


Print stations are located on floors 1, 2, and 3

First Floor Printer Stations

First floor has both color and black/white printers in front of the circulation desk

Second Floor Printer Station

Second floor printer stations in the large "arc"

Third Floor Printer Station

Third floor printers near the grande staircase


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