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Kathryn A. Martin Library New Book and Media List

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June 2016

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  1. Titles are arranged first by collection and then by call number.
  2. Titles marked as "In process" have not been cataloged when this New Book and Media list was generated. Check the Library Catalog first to see their availability. If they are still "In process", you may request "rush cataloging" and the item will be held for you at the Circulation Desk.
B2779 .F47 2015
Ferrarin, Alfredo, 1960- author.
The powers of pure reason : Kant and the idea of cosmic philosophy.
The University of Chicago Press
B828.45 .D64 2014
Does perception have content?.
Oxford University Press
BD161 .L88 2016
Lynch, Michael P. 1966- author. (Michael Patrick),
The Internet of us : knowing more and understanding less in the age of Big Data.
Liveright Publishing Corporation a division of WW Norton & Company
BF315.5 .M37 2011
Martin, Anita, author.
Awakening to the power of intuition : learn twenty-eight lessons to change your life.
Balboa Press
BF431 .J596 2016
Jones, Garett, author.
Hive mind : how your nation's IQ matters so much more than your own.
Stanford Economics and Finance an imprint of Stanford University Press
BF448 .G53 2005
Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963-
Blink : the power of thinking without thinking.
Little Brown and Co
BF637.C58 J63 1989
Johnson, David W., 1940-
Cooperation and competition : theory and research.
Interaction Book Co
BF637.N46 R43 2015
Ready, Romilla, author.
Neuro-linguistic programming for dummies.
John Wiley & Sons
BF76.8 .P75 2010
Pringle, Michael.
The APA style of documentation : a pocket guide.
BL65.L2 O87 2016
Ostler, Nicholas, author.
Passwords to paradise : how languages have re-invented world religions.
BQ5618.V5 N4813 1987
Nha??t Ha?nh, Thi?ch
The miracle of mindfulness : a manual on meditation.
Beacon Press
BS2860.T5 A3 1992
The Gospel of Thomas : the hidden sayings of Jesus.
BX4705.M4884 A4 1996
Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968.
Striving towards being : the letters of Thomas Merton and Czeslaw Milosz.
Farrar Straus & Giroux
CB311 .T245 1988
Tainter, Joseph A.
The collapse of complex societies.
Cambridge University Press
CC77.U5 G34 2009
Gaffney, Vincent L.
Europe's lost world : the rediscovery of Doggerland.
Council for British Archeology
CC77.U5 G46 2016
Geology and archaeology : submerged landscapes of the continental shelf.
The Geological Society
CT275.F734 L56 2015
Leonard, Rodney E., author.
Freeman : the agriculture years : 1961-1969.
Hubert H Humphrey School of Public Affairs University of Minnesota
CT275.K5764 A33 1989
Kingston, Maxine Hong.
The woman warrior : memoirs of a girlhood among ghosts.
Vintage International
D638.A7 R38 2014
Ravished Armenia and the story of Aurora Mardiganian.
University Press of Mississippi
DC148 .M4535 2016
McPhee, Peter, 1948- author.
Liberty or death : the French Revolution.
Yale University Press
DG256.2 .S36 2013
Sampson, Gareth C., author.
The collapse of Rome : Marius, Sulla and the first Civil War, 91-70 BC.
Pen & Sword Military
DK209.6.H4 K445 2016
Kelly, Aileen, M., author.
The discovery of chance : the life and thought of Alexander Herzen.
Harvard University Press
DS126.91 .S54 2015
Sheikh, Fazal, 1965- author.
The erasure trilogy.
DS195.5 .B66 2005
Bloxham, Donald.
The great game of genocide : imperialism, nationalism, and the destruction of the Ottoman Armenians.
Oxford University Press
DS195.5 .R63 2014
Robertson, Geoffrey, author.
An inconvenient genocide : who now remembers the Armenians?.
Biteback Publishing
DS610.4 .B35 2014
Baker, Jim 1948- author. (James Michael),
Crossroads : a popular history of Malaysia and Singapore.
Marshall Cavendish Editions
DS79.9.B25 L48 2011
Levy, Reuben, author.
A Baghdad chronicle / Reuben Levy, M.A.
Cambridge University Press
DS793.H44 S43 2014
Shan, Patrick Fuliang.
Taming China's wilderness : immigration, settlement and the shaping of the Heilongjiang frontier, 1900-1931.
DS821 .S677 1996
Sosnoski, Daniel.
Introduction to Japanese culture.
Tuttle Publishing
DT1603 .K67 2015
K{uml}ossler, Reinhart, author.
Namibia and Germany : negotiating the past.
University of Namibia
E105 .K78 2015
Krueger, David M., 1972- author.
Myths of the Rune Stone : Viking Martyrs and the Birthplace of America.
University of Minnesota Press
E183.8.G9 S48 1992
Gleijeses, Piero.
Shattered hope : the Guatemalan revolution and the United States, 1944-1954.
Princeton University Press
[1992], {copy}1991.
E185.625 .M33 2013
Mackey, Carlton, founder of work.
50 shades of black.
publisher not identified
E443 .T49 2014
Thompson, Katrina Dyonne, author.
Ring shout, wheel about : the racial politics of music and dance in North American slavery.
University of Illinois Press
E78.S7 B1733 1982
Bahti, Tom.
Southwestern Indian ceremonials.
KC Publications
[1982], 1970.
E78.W5 L96 2002
Lyon, Danny.
Indian nations : pictures of American Indian reservations in the western United States.
Twin Palms Publishers
E83.863 .U83 1988
U.S.-Dakota conflict of 1862 : a series of stories which appeared in the West Central Tribune, Willmar, Minnesota March through December 1987.
Kandiyohi County Historical Society
E93 .C66 2015
Cobb, Daniel M., compiler.
Say we are nations : documents of politics and protest in indigenous America since 1887.
The University of North Carolina Press
E97.6.S54 W53 2016
Whalen, Kevin, author.
Native students at work : American Indian labor and Sherman Institute's Outing Program, 1900-1945.
University of Washington Press
E98.I5 S22 1989
The sacred Pipestone Quarries.
Printed by Pipestone Pub Co History Press
E98.L3 A37 2015
Allison, James R. 1950- author. (James Robert),
Sovereignty for survival : American energy development and Indian self-determination.
Yale University Press
E98.T77 C379 2016
Carlson, David J., 1970- author.
Imagining sovereignty : self-determination in American Indian law and literature.
University of Oklahoma Press
E99.C6 G845 1992b
A Guide to understanding Chippewa treaty rights.
Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission
E99.C6 K42 1979
Direction we know, walk in honor.
Miniss Kitigan Drum
E99.C6 S346 2010
Schenck, Theresa M.
All our relations : Chippewa mixed bloods and the treaty of 1837.
Amik Press; Centre for Rupert's Land Studies at the University of Winnipeg
E99.N3 V69 2015
Voyles, Traci Brynne.
Wastelanding : legacies of uranium mining in Navajo country.
University of Minnesota Press
E99.T34 G37 2016
Garner, Sandra L., 1954- author.
To come to a better understanding : medicine men and clergy meetings on the Rosebud Reservation, 1973-1978.
University of Nebraska Press
F1059.5.S54 D95
Dyke, Gertrude H.
Historic Silver Islet ....
Printed by Times-Journal Commercial Printers
F1465.2.C3 H56 2015
Hinojosa, Servando Z., 1968- author.
In this body : Kaqchikel Maya and the grounding of spirit.
University of New Mexico Press
F1788 .F328 2006
Farber, Samuel, 1939-
The origins of the Cuban Revolution reconsidered.
University of North Carolina Press
F1788 .T355 2015
Teel, Leonard Ray, author.
Reporting the Cuban Revolution : how Castro manipulated American journalists.
Louisiana State University Press
F2517 .R64 2014
Rocha, Jan, 1976- author.
Brazil inside out : people, politics and culture.
Practical Action Publishing
F3100 .F385 2005
Haslam, Jonathan.
The Nixon administration and the death of Allende's Chile : a case of assisted suicide.
F601.5 .M66 1962
Goetzinger, William M.
Pomme de Terre, a frontier outpost in Grant County.
F601.5 .M67 1962
Johnson, Elden.
The prehistory of the Red River Valley.
F612.B7 M6 1963
Minnesota Historical Society.
Minnesota under four flags.
The Society
F612.C15 A53 1965
Anderson, David E.
Moose Lake area history.
F612.I7 N38 1976
Navratil, Patricia E.
Trails through the northwoods : a history of the Bigfork Trail.
Northwoods Press
F612.P59 H53 1985
Hinckley, the first 100 years.
publisher not identified
F612.S29 F736 1981
Pearson, Lucille M.
History of Fredenberg, 1887-1981.
publisher not identified
F614.B44 P37 1989
Patrow, David M.
Bigfork Valley memories.
publisher not identified
F614.G71 L64 1941
Logging town : the story of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.
publisher not identified
F614.M553 R93 2016
Rybak, R.T., 1955- author.
Pothole confidential : my life as mayor of Minneapolis.
University of Minnesota Press
F614.O4 C6 1967
Coleman, Bernard, Sister, 1890-
Old Crow Wing : history of a village.
publisher not identified
Folio TR647 .L3974 2015
Learoyd, Richard, 1966- photographer.
Richard Learoyd : day for night.
Pier 24 Photography; Aperture Foundation
G70.215.U6 M256 2016
Mapping the nation.
Esri Press
GE140 .B3525 2015
Bailey, Ronald.
The end of doom : environmental renewal in the twenty-first century.
Thomas Dunne Books/St Martin's Press
GT880 .W353 2015
Waldrep, Mary Carolyn, author.
A decade of French fashion 1929-1938 : from the Depression to the brink of war.
Dover Publications Inc
GV1189.5 .W35 1985
Waldorf, D. C.
The art of making primitive bows and arrows.
DC Waldorf
GV1646.E6 G8 2014b
Guest, Ivor, author.
The romantic ballet in England : its development, fulfilment and decline.
Dance Books
GV1782 .H66 2016
Hopgood, Jeromy.
Dance production : design and technology.
Focal Press is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group an Informa business
GV1783 .B7313 2015
Brandstetter, Gabriele.
Poetics of dance : body, image, and space in the historical avant-gardes.
Oxford University Press
GV1783 .H374 2016
Hay, Deborah, 1941-
Using the sky : a dance.
GV1785.D8 M36 2016
Mantell-Seidel, Andrea, author.
Isadora Duncan in the 21st century : capturing the art and spirit of the dancer's legacy.
McFarland & Company Inc Publishers
GV1785.P417 G84 1984
Guest, Ivor, 1920-
Jules Perrot : master of the romantic ballet.
Dance Horizons
GV1785.T43 A3 1992
Tharp, Twyla.
Push comes to shove.
GV1788.5 .P377 2016
Paskevska, Anna.
Getting started in ballet : a parent's guide to dance education.
Oxford University Press
GV1794 .S44 2015
Seibert, Brian.
What the eye hears : a history of tap dancing.
Farrar Straus and Giroux
GV546 .E96 2016
Exercise technique manual for resistance training.
Human Kinetics
H61 .L4194 2011
Leavy, Patricia, 1975-
Essentials of transdisciplinary research : using problem-centered methodologies.
Left Coast Press
HB501 .K6313 2016
Kocka, Ju?rgen, author.
Capitalism : A Short History.
Princeton University Press
HC108.N7 W66 2016
Woodsworth, Michael, 1978- author.
Battle for Bed-Stuy : the long war on poverty in New York City.
Harvard University Press
HC110.P6 D86 2014
Duncan, Cynthia M.
Worlds apart : poverty and politics in rural America.
Yale University Press
HC110.T4 S66 2014
Snow, Shane, author.
Smartcuts : how hackers, innovators, and icons accelerate success.
HC175 .T26 2007
Tanzi, Vito.
Argentina : an economic chronicle : how one of the richest countries in the world lost its wealth.
Jorge Pinto
HC187 .A55875 2016
Alston, Lee J., 1951- author.
Brazil in transition : beliefs, leadership, and institutional change.
Princeton University Press
HC192 .V18 1995
Vald{acute}es, Juan Gabriel.
Pinochet's economists : the Chicago school in Chile.
Cambridge University Press
HD57.7 .B36 2014
Banther, Barry.
A leader's gift : how to earn the right to be followed.
Greenleaf Book Group Press
HD58.8 .K6447 2014
Kotter, John P., 1947-
Accelerate : building strategic agility for a faster moving world.
Harvard Business Review Press
HD69.C6 C675 2013
Cosentino, Marc.
Case in point : complete case interview preparation.
Burgee Press
HD7096.U5 V43 1997
Vedder, Richard K.
Out of work : unemployment and government in twentieth-century America.
New York University Press
HD9559.P3 M67
Moskovskii? torfi?anoi? institut, issuing body.
Trudy moskovskogo torfi?anogo instituta.
Gosudarstvennoe E?nergeticheskoe Izdatel'stvo
HD9559.P3 M67
Moskovskii? torfi?anoi? institut, issuing body.
Trudy moskovskogo torfi?anogo instituta.
Gosudarstvennoe E?nergeticheskoe Izdatel'stvo
HF5415 .K625 2007
Armstrong, Gary (Gary M.)
Marketing : an introduction.
Pearson Prentice Hall
HF5415 .K625 2009
Armstrong, Gary (Gary M.)
Marketing : an introduction.
Pearson Prentice Hall
HF5415 .L359 2012
Lamb, Charles W.
MKTG5 : student edition.
South-Western Cengage Learning
2012 [2011]
HF5415 .S876 2013
Stroud, Dick.
Marketing to the ageing consumer : the secrets to building an age-friendly business.
Palgrave Macmillan
HF5415.123 .W55 2015
Wilcox, Matthew, author.
The business of choice : marketing to consumers' instincts.
Pearson Education
HF5415.1265 .S6142 2016
Smith, Gerald E., 1953- author.
The opt-out effect : marketing strategies that empower consumers and win customer-driven brand loyalty.
Pearson Education Inc
HF5415.13 .G67 2015
Goworek, Helen, author.
Retail marketing management : principles and practice.
Pearson Education Limited
HF5415.32 .N678 2015
Norton, David W., Ph.D.., author.
Digital context 2.0 : 7 lessons in business strategy, consumer behavior, and the internet of things.
Gifted Press LLC
HF5415.32 .T74 2013
Trevisan, Enrico.
The irrational consumer : applying behavioural economics to your business strategy.
HF5438.25 .M3775 2016
Mattson, David, 1963- author.
Sandler enterprise selling : winning, growing, and retaining.
HF5549.5.I6 M3155 2014
Margolin, Lavie.
Winning answers to 500 interview questions.
publisher not identified
HF5549.5.M63 M363 2010
Marciano, Paul L.
Carrots and sticks don't work : build a culture of employee engagement with the principles of RESPECT.
HF5549.5.R58 K387 2015
Kaye, Beverly, 1943-
Hello stay interviews, goodbye talent loss : a manager's playbook.
Berret-Koehler Publishers a BK Business Book
HF5686.H75 O36 2015
O'Donoghue, Donncha, author.
Financial accounting for the hospitality, tourism, leisure and event sectors.
Orpen Press
HG1601 .S54 2016
Skinner, Chris, author.
Valueweb : how Fintech firms are using mobile and blockchain technologies to create the Internet of Value.
Marshall Cavendish Business
HG221 .T36 2016
Tapscott, Don, 1947- author.
Blockchain revolution : how the technology behind bitcoin is changing money, business, and the world.
HG6024.A3 T39 2011
Taylor, Francesca.
Mastering derivatives markets : a step-by-step guide to the products, applications and risks.
Financial Times/Prentice Hall
HG6046 .K5 2013
Kleinman, George.
Trading commodities and financial futures : a step by step guide to mastering the markets.
FT Press
HM1106 .B38 2015
Baym, Nancy K.
Personal connections in the digital age.
Polity Press
HM206 .D48 2005
Diamond, Jared M.
Guns, germs, and steel : the fates of human societies.
WW Norton
HM851 .E24 2010
Easley, David.
Networks, crowds, and markets : reasoning about a highly connected world.
Cambridge University Press
HM851 .L6535 2015
Locative media.
HQ1438.A19 A76 2015
Armitage, Susan H. 1937- author. (Susan Hodge),
Shaping the public good : women making history in the Pacific Northwest.
Oregon State University Press
HQ799.5 .L87 2015
Luttrell, Regina, 1975- author.
The millennial mindset : unraveling fact from fiction.
Rowman & Littlefield
HT1523 .B54 2016
Blanco Borelli, Melissa, author.
She is Cuba : a genealogy of the mulata body.
Oxford University Press
HV2430 .M444 2015
Mayer, Connie Christine, 1954-
Early literacy development in deaf children.
Oxford University Press
HV2530 .I52 2016
In our own hands : essays in deaf history, 1780-1970.
Gallaudet University Press
HV45 .D63 2014
Doel, Mark, 1950- author.
A-Z of groups & groupwork.
Palgrave Macmillan St Martin's Press
HV6322.7 .G65 2009
Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah.
Worse than war : genocide, eliminationism, and the ongoing assault on humanity.
HV6322.7 .K54 2007
Kiernan, Ben.
Blood and soil : a world history of genocide and extermination from Sparta to Darfur.
Yale University Press
[2009], 2007.
HV6322.7 .W35 2007
Waller, James, 1961-
Becoming evil : how ordinary people commit genocide and mass killing.
Oxford University Press
HV8141 .P5977 2016
Policing the planet : why the policing crisis led to black lives matter.
HV9304 .H37 2010
The hard journey home : real-life stories about reentering society after incarceration.
Resilience Multimedia
In Process
Dunbar, R. I. M. 1947- (Robin Ian MacDonald),
The human story : a new history of mankind's evolution.
JC423 .Q46513 2016
What is a people?.
Columbia University Press
JQ1512.Z13 E87277 2000
Elman, Benjamin A., 1946-
A cultural history of civil examinations in late imperial China.
University of California Press
KF3054.C56 K73 2016
Kraut, Anthea author.
Choreographing copyright : race, gender, and intellectual property rights in American dance.
Oxford University Press
KF315 .B37 2015
Barton, Benjamin H., 1969- author.
Glass half full : the decline and rebirth of the legal profession.
Oxford University Press
KF4133 .N67 2016
Norton, M. Scott, author.
The legal world of the school principal : what leaders need to know about school law.
Rowman & Littlefield Education
KF8972 .H2618 2016
Hale, Dennis author. (Dennis B.),
The jury in America : triumph and decline.
University Press of Kansas
KIE1380 .G87 2015
Gurr, Barbara Anne, author.
Reproductive justice : the politics of health care for Native American women.
Rutgers University Press
LA217.2 .T66 2016
Tooley, Cathy S., author.
The education system is broken : strategies to rebuilding hope, lives, and futures.
Rowman & Littlefield
LB1631 .O87 2015
Overturf, Brenda J.
Vocabularians : integrated word study in the middle grades.
Stenhouse Publishers
LB1732.3 .H36 2016
Handbook of early childhood teacher education.
Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
LB2345 .C75 2016
The crisis of campus sexual violence : critical perspectives on prevention and response.
LB2369 .G53 2016
MLA handbook.
The Modern Language Association of America
LB2802 .A87 2010
Cuban, Larry.
As good as it gets : what school reform brought to Austin.
Harvard University Press
LB2805 .B695 2016
Brain science for principals : what school leaders need to know.
Rowman & Littlefield
LB2822.8 .M47 2015
Metzger, Maure Ann, 1957- author.
A prison called school : creating effective schools for all learners.
Rowman & Littlefield
LB2822.82 .W44 2016
When school policies backfire : how well-intended measures can harm our most vulnerable students.
Harvard Education Press
LB3051 .R3553 2013
Reese, William J., 1951-
Testing wars in the public schools : a forgotten history.
Harvard University Press
LB880.F73 P4313 1970
Freire, Paulo, 1921-1997.
Pedagogy of the oppressed.
Seabury Press
LC213 .D37 2010
Darling-Hammond, Linda, 1951-
The flat world and education : how America's commitment to equity will determine our future.
Teachers College Press
LC3728 .W43 2002
What teachers need to know about language.
Center for Applied Linguistics; Delta Systems
LC5115 .F88 2014
Fullan, Michael.
Big-city school reforms : lessons from New York, Toronto, and London.
Teachers College Press Columbia University
LC89 .K365 2013
Karch, Andrew.
Early start : preschool politics in the United States.
The University of Michigan Press
M1508 .M567 2016
Miranda, Lin-Manuel, 1980- composer, lyricist, arranger of music.
Hamilton : an American musical.
exclusively distributed by Hal Leonard Corporation; Warner/Chappell
M1621.D34 R4 1946
Dallapiccola, Luigi, 1904-1975.
Rencesvals : trois fragments de la Chanson de Roland : pour chant et piano.
Suvini Zerboni
M2 .R2381 v.101
Forster, Emanuel Aloys, 1748-1823, composer.
Six string quartets, op. 16.
A-R Editions Inc
ML50.M53 L37 2015
Russell, Bill, 1949- author, librettist.
The last smoker in America.
Samuel French
ML50.T356 F86 2015
Kron, Lisa, author.
Fun home.
Samuel French
ML50.Z99 C68 2014
Moore, Donna, composer, librettist, author.
Cougar: the musical.
Samuel French
MT1 .O94 2012
The Oxford handbook of philosophy in music education.
Oxford University Press
N6494.I57 S76 2015
Stott, Tim, 1975-
Play and participation in contemporary arts practices.
N6494.P34 M39 2013
McHugh, Gene.
500 paper objects : new directions in paper art.
Lark Crafts
N6537.H383 A86 2015
Anthes, Bill, author.
Edgar Heap of Birds.
Duke University Press
N6999.M34 A4 2014
Malevich, Kazimir Severinovich, 1878-1935, artist.
Tate Publishing
N7153.S54 A4 2006
Mack, Gerhard.
Roman Signer.
N7153.S54 W58 2007
Withers, Rachel.
Roman Signer.
N7433.4.P38 B68 2015
Patterson, Christian, 1972- photographer.
Bottom of the lake.
Koenig Books
NA8305 .S84 2015
Sugimoto, Hiroshi, 1948-
Glass Tea House Mondrian.
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Ko?nig; La Stanze del Vetro Island of San Giorgio Maggiore; Walther Ko?nig; Le Stanze del Vetro Fondazione Giorgio Cini
NB1203 .F53 2014
Fiber : sculpture 1960-present.
NC998.4 .G36 2013
Game changers : the evolution of advertising.
NK1397 .N38 2015
National Design Triennial New York, N.Y.) 2016 : host institution. (5th :
Beauty : Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial.
Distributed Worldwide by ARTBOOK DAP; Published by Cooper Hewitt
NK3631.H57 A35 2015
Hische, Jessica, author.
In progress : see inside a lettering artist's sketchbook and process, from sketch to vector.
Chronicle Books
NK7310.5 .A15 2011
21st Century Jewelry : the Best of the 500 Series.
Lark Crafts
[2011], {copy}2011.
NK7310.5 .A54 2013
Angulo, Lorena.
Behind the brooch a closer look at backs, catches, and pin stems.
Schiffer Pub Limited
NK7310.5 .E23 2014
Eclat : masters of new jewellery design =maestros de la joyeri?a contempora?nea =mai?tres de la bijouterie contemporaine =Mestres da joalheria contempora?nea.
NK7310.5 .H36 2012
Hardy, Joanna.
Collect contemporary jewelry.
Thames & Hudson
NK7310.5 .R46 2014
Ramljak, Suzanne.
On body and soul : contemporary armor to amulets.
Schiffer Publishing
NK7357 .F76 2013
From the coolest corner : Nordic jewellery.
Arnoldsche Art Publishers
NK7423.5 .E8713 2013
Estrada, Nicolas, author.
New earrings : 500+ designs from around the world.
Thames & Hudson
NX456.5.N49 G73 2010
Graham, Beryl.
Rethinking curating : art after new media.
MIT Press
P106 .E29 1999
Eco, Umberto.
Serendipities : language & lunacy.
Harcourt Brace
P301 .T44 2016
Text + field : innovations in rhetorical method.
The Pennsylvania State University Press
P301.5.M49 M48 1999
Metonymy in language and thought.
J Benjamins Pub
P302.76 .W67 2015
Wortham, Stanton Emerson Fisher, 1963- author.
Discourse analysis beyond the speech event.
P87 .C5974
Communication yearbook.
International Communication Association etc
P92.5.M3 W33 2015
Wachs, Anthony M., 1983- author.
The new science of communication : reconsidering McLuhan's message for our modern moment.
Duquesne University Press
P96.S66 S64 2015
Smith, Jacob, 1970- author.
Eco-sonic media.
University of California Press
PA4025.A2 F34 1998
The Iliad ; The Odyssey.
Penguin Books
PG3456.A19 R63 1996
Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904.
Chekhov : four plays.
Smith & Kraus
PL5089.C47 P8513 2015
Chudori, Leila S., 1962- author.
Deep Vellum Publishing
PM2073.Z77 G65 2016
Glimpses of Oneida life.
University of Toronto Press
PM851 .G663 1988
Goodsky, Henry.
Beginning and intermediate Ojibwe language manual : double vowel system.
College of St Scholastica
PN1949.S7 B47 2016
Berson, Jessica, author.
The naked result : how exotic dance became big business.
Oxford University Press
PN1992.8.M87 R48 2010
Rewind, play, fast forward : the past, present and future of the music video.
Distributed in North America by Transaction Publishers; Transcript
PN1992.935 .N49 2014
Newman, Michael Z., author.
Video revolutions : on the history of a medium.
Columbia University Press
PN1993.5.U6 K466 2014
King, Geoff, 1960-
Indie 2.0 : change and continuity in contemporary American indie film.
Columbia University Press
PN1995.9.A8 R64 2013
Rogers, Ariel.
Cinematic appeals : the experience of new movie technologies.
Columbia University Press
PN1995.9.M86 J37 2016
James, David E., 1945- author.
Rock 'n' film : cinema's dance with popular music.
Oxford University Press
PN1998.3.B3738 S58 2014
Sitton, Robert, author.
Lady in the dark : Iris Barry and the art of film.
Columbia University Press
PN1998.3.G55 C56 2013
The cinema of Terry Gilliam : it's a mad world.
Wallflower Press
PN2071.M6 D37 2009
Darley, Christian, 1962-2008.
The space to move : essentials of movement training.
Nick Hern Books
PN2071.M6 M87 2016
Murray, Simon David, 1948- author.
Physical theatres : a critical introduction.
PN2071.M6 S66 2012
Snow, Jackie, author.
Movement training for actors.
Methuen Drama
PN2080 .A1223 2008
50 fabulous new classical monologues for men.
Samuel French
PN2080 .A1224 2008
50 fabulous classical monologues for women.
Samuel French
PN2080 .O24 2013
The Oberon book of modern monologues for women.
Oberon Books
PN2080 .O24 2013
The Oberon book of modern monologues for men.
Oberon Books
PN2091.M3 H46 2008
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The veil.
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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.
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Dramatist's Play Service
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Ozone journal.
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Work without hope : poems.
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Zero K : a novel.
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Dramatists Play Service
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Hand to God.
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You got older.
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Blood play.
Samuel French
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Bos, Hannah, author.
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Everything you touch.
Samuel French
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Charles Ives take me home.
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The mystery of love & sex.
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The luck of the Irish.
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Children of killers.
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Bad Jews.
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A great wilderness.
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My man?ana comes.
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Four places.
Dramatists Play Service
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The Savannah sipping society.
Dramatists Play Service
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Brownsville song (b-side for tray).
Samuel French
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Empanada loca.
Dramatists Play Service
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The birds.
Dramatists Play Service
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So go the ghosts of Mexico.
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Welcome back to Ivy Gap : a poignant comedy in two acts.
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The bigness of the world : stories.
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Judy / by Max Posner.
Dramatists Play Service
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Incorrect merciful impulses.
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Late, a cowboy song.
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Ashville / by Lucy Thurber.
Dramatists Play Service
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Thurber, Lucy, author.
Dramatists Play Service
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Getting started with transmedia storytelling.
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Introduction to modern climate change.
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Chemistry at home : exploring the ingredients in everyday products.
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A remarkable journey : the story of evolution.
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Project animal farm : an accidental journey into the secret world of farming and the truth about our food.
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The scientist's guide to writing : how to write more easily and effectively throughout your scientific career.
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The inevitable : understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future.
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An assessment of the environmental effects of dredged material disposal in Lake Superior : a report to the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.
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International Reference Group on Great Lakes Pollution from Land Use Activities.
Environmental management strategy for the Great Lakes system : final report to the International Joint Commission.
International Joint Commission
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Whistle for the wind.
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Wild & precious.
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500 silver jewelry designs : the powerful allure of a precious metal.
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The art of soldering for jewelry makers : techniques and projects.
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Directoire revival fashions, 1888-1889 : 57 patterns with fashion plates and suggestions for adaptation.
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Hubris : The Tragedy of War in the Twentieth Century.
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Meggs' History of Graphic Design.
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Children's Lit
Abbey, Edward, 1927-1989.
The brave cowboy : an old tale in a new time.
University of New Mexico Press
[1977] 1956.
INTR-FIC A9558gl
Aveyard, Victoria, author.
Glass sword.
HarperTeen an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
INTR-FIC A9558re
Aveyard, Victoria, author.
Red queen.
HarperTeen an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
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Bardugo, Leigh, author.
Six of crows.
Henry Holt and Company
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Clare, Cassandra, author.
Lady Midnight.
Margaret K McElderry Books
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Hunt, Lynda Mullaly, author.
Fish in a tree.
Nancy Paulsen Books an imprint of Penguin Group (USA)
Isbell, Tom, 1957- author.
The capture.
HarperTeen an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
Isbell, Tom, 1957- author.
The prey.
HarperTeen an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
INTR-FIC M1113co
Maas, Sarah J., author.
A court of thorns and roses.
INTR-FIC M1113com
Maas, Sarah J., author.
A court of mist and fury.
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Jacky Ha-Ha.
Jimmy Patterson Books/Little Brown and Company
Pennypacker, Sara, 1951- author.
Balzer + Bray An Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
The Random House book of bedtime stories.
Random House
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Riordan, Rick, author.
The hidden oracle.
Torres, Jennifer, author.
Finding the music.
Children's Book Press an imprint of Lee & Low Books Inc
Newman, Lesle?a, author.
Ketzel, the cat who composed.
Candlewick Press
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An atlas of the Sahara-Sahel : geography, economics and security.
OECD/Sahel and West Africa Club
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Race relations in the United States, 1980-2000.
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The index of economic freedom.
The Heritage Foundation
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Ward's automotive yearbook.
Ward's Reports Inc
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International residential code for one- and two-family dwellings.
International Code Council
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United States code service.
Lawyers Co-operative
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MLA handbook.
The Modern Language Association of America
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Encyclopedia of health communication.
SAGE Reference
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National Fire Protection Association.
National fire codes.
National Fire Protection Association
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Philbrick, Nathaniel, author.
Valiant ambition : George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the fate of the American Revolution.
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Knight, Philip H., 1938- author.
Shoe dog : a memoir by the creator of Nike.
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Junger, Sebastian, author.
Tribe : on homecoming and belonging.
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Choctaw code talkers.
Distributed by VisionMaker Video
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Planet in peril : a CNN worldwide investigation.
Warner Home Video
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Ethics : the fabric of business.
Coppoletta Productions; Society for Human Resource Management
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Broken arrow.
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
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Nanjing! Nanjing!
Kino Lorber
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The innocents
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
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Jeremiah Johnson
Warner Home Video (distributor); Warner Brothers
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Kung fu panda.
DreamWorks Animation
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The loneliness of the long distance runner.
Manufactured and distributed by Warner Home Video
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Rear window.
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Smoke signals.
Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment; Miramax Home Entertainment
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Columbia TriStar Home Video
1998, 1992.
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Judayi-i Nadir az Simin.
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
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A global warning?
Distributed in the US by New Video; History Channel
TJ808 .E27 2011
Earth : the operators' manual.
P2K National Science Foundation
TJ808.U6 B54 2009
The big energy gamble.
PBS Video
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