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Large Lakes Observatory
great lakes from space
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Norine Dobiesz

Research Associate

Large Lakes Observatory
University of Minnesota Duluth
2205 E. 5th St.,
Research Laboratory Building 214
Duluth, MN 55812

Tel. (218) 726-7639

Fax: (218) 726-6979

email: ndobiesz at


  • Determine metrics of ecosystem health for the world’s great lakes.
  • Create a web-based system of data acquisition, database management, decision support modeling and informative visualization to enable anticipatory management of the world’s great lakes.
  • Consolidate fisheries databases from around the Laurentian Great Lakes.


Michigan State University, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, M.S.
University of Michigan, B.S.


Dobiesz N.E., Hecky R.E., Johnson T.B., Sarvala J., Dettmers J.M., Lehtiniemi M., Rudstam L., Madenjian C.P., Witte F. 2010. Metrics of Ecosystem Status for Large Aquatic Systems - A Global Comparison. Journal of Great Lakes Research 36:1. [PDF]

Dobiesz, N.E. and N.P. Lester. 2009. Changes in mid-summer water temperature and clarity across the Great Lakes between 1968 and 2002. Journal of Great Lakes Research 35:371-384. [PDF]

Dobiesz, N.E., D.A. McLeish, R.L. Eshenroder, J.R. Bence, L.C. Mohr, B.A. Henderson, M.P. Ebener, T.F. Nalepa, A.P. Woldt, J.E. Johnson, R.L. Argyle, J.C. Makarewicz. 2005. Ecology of the Lake Huron Fish Community 1970-1999. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 62:1431-1451. [PDF]

Dobiesz, N.E. and J.R. Bence. 2005. Predator-prey interactions. In The state of Lake Huron in 1999. Edited by M.P. Ebener. Great Lakes Fish. Comm. Spec. Pub. 05-02. pp. 91-98.

Dobiesz, N.E. 2003. An Evaluation Of The Role Of Top Piscivores In The Fish Community Of The Main Basin Of Lake Huron. Ph.D. Dissertation for Michigan State University.

Dobiesz, N.E. and J.R. Bence. 2000. Estimating forage fish consumption by predators in Lake Huron. Great Lakes Fishery Commission completion report

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