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Faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics regularly supervise both undergraduate and graduate research projects. Most undergraduate projects are funded through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Some faculty have individual grants to support research. Some research is not financially supported (done purely for the thrill and excitement!!). Graduate students pay tuition to fund their own projects.

Below is list of some faculty areas of interest and expertise, and possible research projects. Some of the projects have links to more specific information.

Faculty Research Areas Projects Background (* means preferred only)
Dalibor Froncek Graph Theory
Tournament Scheduling
Graph labelings, Graph decomposition, Applications of graph theory to tournament scheduling. Math 3355, Math5365*

John Greene Combinatorics Combinatorics of products of 2x2 matrices Math 3355

Marshall Hampton Bioinformatics, mathematical biology, and celestial mechanics Visualizing the 3-body problem, Real conics tangent to circles,"Newton polyhedra" for polynomial equations, detailed project descriptions Detailed project descriptions (with preferred background)

Carmen Latterell Mathematics Education, Teaching and Learning, Testing Comparing different mathematics curricula, Examining the social stigma connected to the teaching and learning of mathematics and to mathematicians,Examining placement testing and whether it works well or not. Interest in teaching and learning

Bruce Peckham Dynamical Systems (map iteration or differential equations), Ecological Modelling Software development (graphics, GUI, or algorithms), Numerical investigation of systems Math 3280, Math 5260*,Math 5270*, C++*, GUI knowledge*, Graphics knowledge*

Harlan Stech

Mathematical Modeling, High-Performance Computation, Scientific Visualization Modeling the Impact of Global Warming on Trees and Forests Math 3280, Stat 3611, Math 3298*, Mathematica*, C++*, Linux*

Rachel Breckenridge

Native American STEM Education, Bridge Programing for Freshmen from Underrepresented Groups in STEM, Logistic Regression    

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