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Financial Assistance

Application for financial assistance is distinct from application for admission into the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics. However, all materials supporting an application for financial assistance are to be uploaded in the Program Supplementary Information section of the online application.

Graduate students enrolled in the program in Applied and Computational Mathematics are eligible for teaching and research assistantships in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Teaching assistants lead small discussion sections of large lecture courses, grade papers and examinations, and may occasionally teach an entry-level course on their own.

Graduate teaching assistants are typically appointed at the 50% level (approximately 20 hours of teaching-related duties a week). The current salary for a typical half-time level is over $13,000 for 9 months. In addition, teaching assistants at the half-time level receive a full waiver of tuition and health insurance benefits. All students including teaching assistants are still responsible for some fees, which are not covered by the waiver. The Department also provides summer support to students working on their research topics. For more information about teaching assistantships please read our GTA Guidelines and GTA Reappointment Policy or check out the Graduate School website. An estimate of living costs and expenses can be found here. Questions can be sent to

Each year the Graduate School awards an extremely small number of fellowships to new students who will enter the University's graduate program the following Fall semester. These one-year fellowships provide a stipend plus tuition for the academic year. Candidates are nominated by our Program in February. Thus, students wishing to be considered for nomination must have all application materials to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics by January 15.

To apply for financial assistance, the applicants must indicate it in the Financial Support section of the online application and identify what type of support they are applying for (most typically it would be the Graduate Teaching Assistantship).

Additional supporting materials and copies of test scores can also be uploaded at an applicant's discretion.

Additional information on fellowships can be found here - Graduate School Fellowship.

Applicants interested in Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Recruiting Fellowship should Director of Graduate Studies by December 1. Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible for nomination.

Deadlines: Students can apply for financial aid at any time. Those wishing to enter the program in the Fall semester should have all application materials submitted by February 15; late applications will be considered if resources are available.

For initial enrollment in the Spring Semester, the deadline is November 1. There are usually a very limited number of GTA positions available in the spring. Therefore, application for financial aid should be submitted as soon as possible.

Printable overview of dates and links is here.

Additional useful information for international student can be found at International Student Services web.


Summer Research Fellowship

Each year the Department of Mathematics and Statistics attempts to identify sources of financial aid to help support graduate student studies over the summer months. When funds are available, they have been allocated so as to promote productive summer activity by those students who have made sufficient progress towards the completion of the degree.

In the past, available funds have been offered on a competitive basis. While all students are encouraged to apply, the highest priority is given to those who have identified thesis/project topics and who hope to work on these over the summer. These awards have no associated teaching responsibilities. They are announced typically near the end of the Spring semester, and distributed during the summer.

Students wishing to apply for a summer fellowship must submit a Proposal to the Director of Graduate Studies (or to DGS Assistant) by April 30. (For more details, see instructions). This proposal is to be written by the student and should address of the following points:

1. Brief description of summer research plans, including the names of any associated UMD faculty.

2. Preparation for research (past course work, grade point average, literature work, seminar attendance, current research, etc.)

3. Available financial support. While financial need will be taken into consideration, those students who have already arranged for some sort of summer support are not to be considered at a disadvantage. Partial or supplemental fellowship awards will be considered by the Committee. In particular, students are encouraged to seek independent career-related employment as a means of broadening their backgrounds.

A copy of a previous Proposal for Summer Research Support is available as a guide for both format and depth of detail. The statement of financial needs, as well as an approved Program of Study must accompany the proposal. In general, preference for summer support is given to students who have passed or have registered to take the comprehensive examination.

It should be emphasized that this support is not intended to be a reward for past service, but rather is given in anticipation of substantial effort on your project or thesis. You are expected to maintain contact with your advisor over the summer and to keep your advisor appraised of your progress. Moreover, for those students who have found additional funding from other university sources, the Department's summer support is not intended as a means of raising a student's summer salary over the 100% GRA level. As such, the Department retains the right to reduce its summer fellowship support of a graduate student in order to maintain a total university level of support of not more than 100% time.

After completing their summer research project, all students are required to submit a brief Final Report (2-4 pages) approved by the associated faculty member to the Director of Graduate Studies (or to DGS Assistant) by September 1.


Scholarships and Fellowships

The Duane E. Anderson Graduate Fellowship

This scholarship was established in 2000 in the memory of Duane E. Anderson, a long-time department head and faculty member in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics who was influential in the establishment of the Masters Degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics. The award is intended to recruit and retain graduate students in that program.

To be considered, a student must be admitted in the UMD Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics, and have demonstrated academic merit (a minimum average of 3.0 over all graduate courses of study.) The primary intentions of the award are to

(1) assist students in financial need, and

(2) recruit women and minority students to the study of mathematics and its applications.

Students who wish to be considered for this award should contact the Director of Graduate Studies of the UMD Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics.

Typically, two awards are given annually.

Travel Support for Graduate Students

These funds are to be used in partial support of travel by UMD graduate students for dissemination of their scholarly or artistic contributions associated with their graduate studies at UMD. Examples might be presentation of research from a Plan A thesis at a disciplinary meeting, or an invitation to exhibit a sculpture, created as part of an MFA in Studio Arts at an exhibition. It is expected that the student will attempt to garner other support of the travel through the advisor, program, department, and college.

What to do:

1. Download and fill out this form.

2. Email it as an attachment to the Director of Graduate Studies in your program.

3. The DGS will email the attachment, with their approval, to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education and Research at UMD.

4. The AVCGER will reply to the DGS, copying the student, and the UMD Grad Office staff person.

5. If approved, the UMD Grad Office staff person will facilitate the transfer of funds with the appropriate graduate program staff.



Past Scholarship and Award Recipients


Duane E. Anderson Graduate Fellowship

2001 - Yue Wang
2001 - Yaxin Zhu
2002 - Betsy LaPlant
2003 - Caroline Walesheck
2004 - Rachel Breckenridge
2004 - Laura Zimmermann
2005 - Heather Kahler
2007 - Katherine Niedzielski
2007 - Riitta Schaublin
2007 - Xiaoxi Zhao
2008 - Jie Ren
2009 - Qingzhao Wang
2010 - Lindsay Baun
2011 - Marie Helbach
2012 - Lindsay Baun
2012 - Lin Dai
2013 - Danielle Stewart
2014 - Ying Liu
2014 - Inne Singgih
2015 - Xinyue Chang
2015 - Tsungai Chibanga
2015 - Katarzyna Obral
2015 - Anh Phung
2015 - Melissa Sandahl
2016 - Kalani Thalagoda
2016 - Yejin Cho
2016 - Jingxia Liu
2016 - Yang Wang


Outstanding Graduate: Master of Science Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics

2005 - Xiaoyue Niu
2006 - Inge Pettersen
2007 - Xiaowei Zhan
2008 - Bradley Jannsen
2008 - Riitta Schaublin
2009 - Jie Ren
2010 - Yanbo Xu
2011 - Amy Schmidt
2012 - Zizhen Wu
2013 - Xingguo Li
2014 - Zhaobing Kuang
2014 - Michal Hrabia
2015 - Ying Liu
2015 - Aaron Shepanik
2015 - Inne Singgih
2016 - Xinyue Chang


Mathematics and Statistics Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant

1988 - Scott Skansberg
1989 - Kathleen Perron
1990 - Carmen Latterell
1991 - Sarah Buffington
1991 - Carmen Latterell
1992 - Robert Phillips
1993 - Lynda Hoffmaster
1994 - Kathleen McTavish
1994 - Zbigniew Wdowiak
1995 - Colleen Frost
1996 - Amy Jo Werner
1997 - Scott Pernat
1998 - Paul Decker
1998 - Miata Whyte
1999 - Paul Decker
2000 - Daniel Kernler
2001 - Amanda Thralow
2002 - Ahnie Jacobson
2002 - Sarah Kueffer
2003 - Betsy LaPlant
2004 - Christina Holden
2004 - Karl Kruppstant
2005 - Joshua Jacobs
2005 - Thomas Ruud
2006 - Rachel Breckenridge
2006 - Laura Zimmermann
2007 - Hans Anderson
2007 - Justin Eberhardt
2008 - Bradley Jannsen
2008 - Junyan Shen
2009 - Ross F. Garberich
2009 - Zhanwen Huang
2009 - Lucas A. Streng
2010 - Trevor Brennan
2010 - Jinrui Li
2010 - Changming Xia
2011 - Trevor Brennan
2011 - Kristin Riesgraf
2012 - Lindsay Baun
2012 - Brett Bozyk
2012 - Kyle Krueger
2013 - Sam Judnick
2013 - Cassandra Quick
2014 - Ondrej Zjevik
2014 - Xiao Li
2015 - Andrew Schneider
2015 - Danielle Stewart
2015 - Aaron Shepanik
2015 - Inne Singgih
2015 - Christopher Boamah-Mensah
2016 - Vaclav Hasenohrl
2016 - Katarzyna Obral
2016 - Melissa Sandahl


Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Student Service Award

1996 - Laura Gose
1998 - Jingsu Pu
1999 - Angela Cates
2000 - Irina Haller
2001 - Chad Pierson
2002 - Sarah Kueffer
2003 - Steven Law
2005 - Joshua Jacobs
2006 - Hans Anderson
2007 - Hans Anderson
2007 - Xiaowei Zhan
2008 - Andrew D. Larson
2010 - Trevor Brennan
2011 - Yue Yuan
2013 - Jana Hurkova
2013 - Jeremiah Zblewski
2014 - Ondrej Zjevik
2014 - Zhaobing Kuang
2015 - John Fahnenstiel
2016 - Qi Liu