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LAST UPDATED ON 01/29/2016

In an attempt to regularly post and keep the internship and job postings up-to-date, we have started an easier-to-maintain Google page at:


Make sure to check this link out!

If you are actively job seeking, check out the more "permanent" material below, containing links and material that may be useful in your search for a new EHS position.

Of course, students are always looking for internships. Check corporate and government job posting websites (e.g., see below) to find them on your own.  You can also contact me for more details if you’re interested in a posting and no other information is provided.

If you have 5+ years of experience in the safety profession, I should mention that there are recruiters likely looking for you with job openings all over the country that I can't post here. See the bottom of the page or feel free to contact me - if I have anything current, I'll pass it on. You can also contact me for more details if you’re interested in one of these and no other information is provided.

The following are the "Career" job posting sites for companies that frequently hire UMD MEHS graduates. Locations can be anywhere in the world and the listings change frequently - so even if there's nothing posted the first time you look, try back later.

  • Traveler's Insurance (Click on "Search Current Openings"; then use "risk control" as your primary search term; positions are located nationwide)

  • RockTenn (paper industry; Syracuse, NY and elsewhere - when searching, select "environmental/safety" in the Function dropdown menu)

  • Cliffs Natural Resources (Minnesota and elsewhere). Use "safety" or related as a keyword to search openings.

  • US Steel (Minnesota and elsewhere).  Search under “Salaried Opportunities.”

  • 3M (Minnesota and elsewhere). Use "EHS", "safety" or a related term as a keyword. Don't focus on the title, but on the job requirements: for example, the "EHS engineer" positions typically do NOT list an engineering degree as a required qualification.

  • Case New Holland (Iowa and elsewhere). Use "safety" or related as a keyword to search openings - most listings are EHS manager positions.

  • Cargill. Use "safety" or related as a keyword to search.

  • Emerson Electric. Search "Health Safety & Environmental" under Job Function.

  • The Minnesota Safety Council (MSC) also maintains a list of job postings. Check back frequently as they typically delete postings after 30 days. While there, check out the rest of the site to learn more about the important role that the MSC plays in keeping all of us safe.

  • Most people are familiar with sites like Monster, but I only recently heard about Thingamajob, which had a surprising number of safety-related positions listed. Worth checking out, but please note that many are "indirect" postings - you respond not to the company itself, but to a recruiting agency.

  • Last, but definitely not least: check out EHSCareers.com - one of the most comprehensive listing of EHS job postings across the US that I've seen.

Regardless of your political views, safety is something on which we can all agree.  And, of course, government agencies at all levels and across the country post safety-related jobs.   

  • St. Louis County in Minnesota occasionally posts EHS-related positions. If you’re looking for a safety-related job in the Arrowhead region, this site is worth a look. 

  • Numerous county and municipalities across the US post jobs through https://www.governmentjobs.com/. Not necessarily comprehensive, and somewhat "hit or miss", you can search by location or by keyword.

  • The State of Minnesota posts positions at http://www.careers.state.mn.us/.  For example, the Minnesota Department of Human Services frequently posts safety-related positions.

  • The State of Wisconsin also posts positions at https://wisc.jobs/public/index.asp.  Be creative - for example, in the past, the site has listed risk management and occupational health surveillance jobs suitable for EHS grads.

  • The Federal Government always has safety-related positions listed at https://www.usajobs.gov/.  “Safety” seems to be a helpful keyword for searching, but using creative keywords sometimes turns up some unexpected surprises.   


Some recruiters that frequently contact the program with national jobs in EHS include:

You should consider getting an account with the LinkedIn professional networking site (www.linkedin.com). Jobs are often posted under relevant groups including:

  • UMD Safety and ES&H Alumni (OK, not as many jobs here, but you should join)
  • MN Safety, Health and Environment Professionals
  • WI Safety, Health and Environmental Professionals
  • Construction Health and Safety
  • EHS Professionals
  • EHSQ Elite
  • Any ASSE related group