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How much is tuition?

Because tuition and fees are charged each semester on a per-credit basis, the plan of study you select will dictate the per-semester cost of obtaining an MEHS degree. For current tuition rates and fees, see the tuition and fee schedule from UMD's Registrar's website, noting that the MEHS program is listed under Master Programs.

Is any financial aid available?

Although the MEHS program itself has very limited financial support for graduate students, the registrarís office has numerous resources that students in search of financial aid can explore (go to www.d.umn.edu/fareg/ ).

In addition to these grants, loans and other resources, other financial assistance may be available to MEHS students. Select full-time students electing to pursue their degree over three or more semesters also may be eligible for teaching or research assistantships. Scholarships are available through a variety of professional safety organizations - for example, previous students have received scholarships through SESHA, ASSE, AGC and J.J. Keller. Within UMD, MEHS students are also eligible to apply for the Voss and the Soleim scholarships. Although less common, some past students have obtained full or partial tuition reimbursement from their current or a prospective employer.