MSEM Multi-year planning schedule

Course Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
Type Graduate Course Offerings 2013 2014 2014 2015 2015 2016
E.M. Core EMGT 5110 Management of Engineers and Tech. Egbue   Staff   Egbue  
E.M. Core EMGT 5120 Advanced Project Management   Egbue       Rosandich
E.M. Core EMGT 5130 Operations Modeling and Analysis       Chen    
E.M. Core EMGT 5160 Quality Management Benda   Benda   Benda  
E.M. Elective EMGT 5210 Information Technology for Management            
E.M. Elective EMGT 5220 Innovation Management     Chen      
E.M. Elective EMGT 5230 Technical Forecasting     Staff      
E.M. Elective EMGT 5240 Advanced Operations Management   Natarajan       Egbue
E.M. Elective EMGT 5250 Legal, Ethical and Env. Issues in Eng. Management Ballavance       Ballavance  
E.M. Elective EMGT 5260 Adv. Decision Making for Eng. Management   Chen       Chen
E.M. Elective EMGT 5995 Special Topics in EMGT            
E.M. Plan B EMGT 8310 Project Methodology and Practice Rosandich Egbue Chen Rosandich Chen Egbue
E.M. Plan A EMGT 8777 Thesis Research: Masters Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff
E.M. Elective EMGT 8993 Engineering Management Seminar Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff
E.M. Elective EMGT 8994 Directed Research Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff
I.E. Elective IE 5305 Supply Chain Management     Zierden      
I.E. Elective IE 5315 Organizational Control Methods   Egbue       Egbue
I.E. Elective IE 5325 Advanced Engineering Economics       Rosandich    
I.E. Elective IE 5335 Engineered Products and Services Egbue       Egbue