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Duluth Grill features a Solar Thermal System which UMD students installed

UMD Rocketry Team Soars Above Competition

Rocket Team
The UMD High Power Rocketeers:
Chase Warneke, Eric Klevar, Cody Graupmann, Joel Stomberg, Jordan Gaytan, Curt Meyers, Jade Lecocq, Tessa Bakken.

When was the last time a team from UMD defeated teams from Ohio State, Illinois, Virginia Tech, Iowa, Minnesota (Twin Cities), Alabama-Huntsville, Wichita State, and five other regional universities? That is exactly what happened on May 20th when the UMD High Power Rocketeers won first place overall in the 2015 Midwest High-Power Rocket Competition held in North Branch, MN. Teams from universities across the United States designed, built, and flew high-powered "boosted dart" rockets. A boosted dart is a two stage rocket with a powered first stage that provides the thrust, and an unpowered second stage (the dart) that separates after motor burnout and coasts to a high altitude. The objectives of the competition were to achieve the highest possible dart altitude and to get the greatest separation between the booster and dart. Teams were also required to record downward-looking video from the rocket and to collect real-time data on dart rotation during the flight.

Once the launches started it was all UMD. The High Power Rocketeers achieved the highest dart altitude of the competition (5315 ft.)and the greatest separation between the booster and the dart (2863 ft.). The video collected during their flight was also voted "Best On-board Video" at the post-competition banquet, and they collected high-quality data on rotation during the flight. In addition, both the booster and the dart were recovered safely on parachutes with no significant damage. The UMD team participated in the competition as part of the mechaical engineering course ME 4495: High Power Rocketry taught by Associate Professor Ryan Rosandich. The competition was sponsored by the Minnesota Space Grant Consortium and the Tripoli Rocket Association of Minnesota.


Brian Fretschel, 2010 MIE graduate writes:

Dear Professors,

Not sure if you remember me or not but I went through the ME program at Duluth and graduated in December of 2010. I just wanted to extend a big Thank You for everything you did for us going through the program. Your work and attention to your students definitely paid off and made all of our experiences at UMD great and helped prepare us for the working world. It is definitely an ever-changing industry out there and the broad skill set we developed at UMD could not have helped more.


The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering proudly prepares graduates to succeed in industrial careers. The department offers four degrees, the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME), Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE), the Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM), and the Master of Environmental Health & Safety (MEHS). Check the Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes for the BSME program here or the BSIE program here. You also check enrollment and degree statistics here.



The UMD Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) will be internationally recognized as the premier engineering department in the Great Lakes Region for its high quality undergraduate education, applied masters' level programs in Environmental Health and Safety and Engineering Management, integrated outreach activities in regional economic development, international partnerships, and applied research; thus enabling the growth of our students, faculty, alumni, industry, and economy.




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