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Students who have an interest in entering the teaching profession will find rich experiences in UMD Music to prepare them for a successful career in Music Education as instrumental, vocal, and elementary teachers. The emphasis in our program is on developing prospective music teachers of exceptional musical ability as well as an affinity for working with students from pre-school to high school. Personal integrity and warmth, respect for themselves and others, interpersonal skills, and intellectual and musical curiosity are prized characteristics imbedded in the program requirements. Music Education majors undertake applied study on the primary instrument throughout the four-year program and present a recital in the senior year. They participate fully in their choice of many choral or instrumental ensembles, both traditional and jazz, and complete the rigorous academic program in music.

From the first year in the program, music education students spend active time in area music classrooms and band/choir, and orchestra K-12 rehearsal rooms as observers, in field placements at both the elementary and secondary level, and in student teaching experiences. Music Education students teach 8 weeks in an elementary classroom music setting, and 8 weeks in a secondary or middle school band, choir, or orchestra setting. From these experiences, students are able to determine if a teaching career is the best choice for them.

Music Education majors participate in methods classes taught by music faculty members with significant teaching experience as band, orchestra, choral, and elementary K-12 music teachers. In the student-teaching semester, the supervising UMD faculty members are able to advise and counsel the students from their own personal success and knowledge of real-world teaching. Music Education faculty members maintain active collaborations and interactions with area music teachers. There is strong mutual respect and an excellent working relationship among university and K-12 musician/teachers.

Students who successfully complete all of the requirements for the degree Bachelor of Music in Music Education are recommended for the State of Minnesota teaching licensure in music, grades pre-K-12, with either an Instrumental or Vocal emphasis.

Partnerships: UMD Dept. of Education and UMD Dept. of Music

The Department of Music and Department of Education faculty collaborate on advising music education majors, and have a highly positive relationship in determining curricular choices and program requirements for the music education degree. Required courses in Education are chosen for their value in assisting musicians to become teachers. Student-teaching placement is carefully undertaken with recommendations from music faculty receiving priority attention. Education faculty members are frequent visitors to music education classes and meetings, where special attention is given to the unique needs of music education students.

Career Potential

Department of music students who complete the music education degree have achieved very high levels of success in job placements following graduation. Minnesota is a musical state, and the UMD music program faculty and students are held in high esteem for the quality of their work. Students who complete a degree in music education at the University of Minnesota Duluth will find exciting professional opportunities readily come their way. Their degree will provide them great personal satisfaction as they join the teaching profession and continue their interest in music-making and music-teaching.

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*Basic skills tests must be taken prior to applying for the Department of Education. However, students are advised to take the MTLE basic skills during the freshman or sophomore year. Music Education has a two (2) block system (with student teaching in final semester).

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