University of Minnesota Duluth

Performance Scholarships

Music scholarships are available to music majors and those applying to become music majors. Awards are offered to students who demonstrate outstanding talent in voice, strings, winds, percussion, keyboard and composition.

For scholarship consideration, students must complete a Department of Music application, submit one written letter of recommendation, and perform a live audition.


Audition Requirements

Please complete and submit your Music Admission Application or print off a paper application and mail to:
University of Minnesota Duluth
C/o Dee Charles
Department of Music
206 Chester Park Building
31 W. College Street
Duluth, MN 55812

Students must pass a performance audition in order to be accepted into any music degree program. At the time of the audition, students must also complete diagnostic examinations in theory/aural/keyboard skills and an interview with the department head or an appointed designee. Any student who receives provisional acceptance into a degree program must pass a review (usually at the end of the first semester) to receive full acceptance. That review includes recommendations of major instructors and successful completion of an applied jury.

Audition and Admitted Student Day Dates

Auditions for the 2014-2015 academic year will be held on the following dates;
Saturday, January 24, 2015
Saturday, February 21, 2015
Saturday, March 28, 2015
Saturday, April 11, 2015

Please call 218-726-7890 or email with questions regarding the application or scholarship audition process.

Music Scholarships

The following music scholarships are available to undergraduate students:

Ann Carlson Anderson Symphonic String Scholarship – Full-time music and/or music education students studying one of the following instruments: violin, viola, cello, or string bass. Must demonstrate advanced proficiency as determined by UMD String Faculty. 3.0 GPA. Open to incoming and returning students. Renewable.

Nyda Elizabeth Swanson Music Scholarship – To support the financial need of UMD students majoring in Music with a particular focus on Music Education students.

UMD Billy Barnard Jazz Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded to UMD jazz studies students who are presently or show promise of contributing to the improvisational jazz community.

UMD C. Lindsley Edson Music Scholarship – This scholarship provides recognition and financial assistance to a UMD student interested in pursuing a career in music. Student must be entering their junior or senior year of study at UMD. Student must be full-time, with a 3.0 GPA or better.

UMD E. Bernie Bernstein Music Scholarship – Recipient must be a student who plays a musical instrument, is majoring in music- preferably jazz studies- and who will be a sophomore, junior, or senior in the next academic year. Selection shall be based on musical ability and academic achievement. Not required to demonstrate financial need. Renewable.

UMD Eric Tobias Johnson Music Scholarship – Students must be pursuing a degree in music at UMD. Must be full-time and in good academic standing. Preference is given to a deserving student(s) in the jazz studies program. If there are none during that particular year, the scholarship may be given to a deserving student majoring in music. A student may reapply for consecutive years. This scholarship may be combined with other awards the student may receive. A committee of 3-5 music/jazz faculty selected by the department head will choose a deserving student who is highly motivated and serious about music. The committee has the discretion as to how to identify and select candidates.

UMD Frank P. Comella Memorial Scholarship – Awarded to a Music Education Major, and may be used at the undergraduate or graduate level. The scholarship is intended to award a student or students who have demonstrated a firm commitment to pursue a degree in Music Education in the areas of Band, Orchestra, Vocal/Choral, or Elementary Music Education. (It may be necessary to award the scholarship to an upperclassman to meet this requirement.) Financial need required.

UMD Gendein Memorial Scholarship – Must be enrolled as a full-time music major, with a minimum of 3.0 GPA during the year prior to applying for the scholarship. The recipient(s) must have graduated from a high school located in the state of Minnesota. Scholarships shall be based upon merit and potential as well as need. Renewable.

UMD Gerald A. Singer Family Scholarship – Full-time Music Majors in good academic standing. Must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

UMD Gregg Johnson Music Scholarship – This scholarship provides scholarships to music students at UMD.

UMD Joyce R. Nordstrom Music Scholarship – Given through the estate of Joyce R. Nordstrom, this purpose of this scholarship is to allow students majoring in music to achieve their academic goals. Disbursement at the discretion of the Department of Music Head.

UMD Lynn Mitchell (Mitch) Rand Scholarship – Students must be full-time music majors in good academic standing. GPA of 3.0 or higher.

UMD Mark Faricy Memorial Scholarship – Awarded to a student entering the senior year who best exemplifies the following attributes: outstanding artistic musicianship, dedication and commitment to a career in music, intelligence and academic aptitude, service to the Music Department, and admirable personal qualities. The scholarship shall be awarded to a student maintaining at least a B average in music courses with preference given to a trumpet major. If no trumpet major meets the stated qualifications, then next consideration shall be given to a brass player, and finally to a performer on any other instrument. In the unlikely event that there is no individual worthy of the scholarship, the scholarship shall not be awarded that year.

UMD Mary Ann and Ronald W Weber Scholarship – Intended to attract and retain talented performers in classical piano and jazz keyboard. Students must be of outstanding ability and have financial need. Renewable up to 4 years.

UMD Omnibus Music Scholarship – Fund will provide scholarships to music students at UMD.

UMD Orchestra Music Scholarship – Funds are to be used to provide scholarships for orchestra students at the discretion of the orchestra director in consultation with the head of the Music Department.

UMD Piano Music Scholarship – Students majoring in Music with piano as a primary instrument. May be an undergraduate entering sophomore, junior, or senior year. Graduate students qualify

UMD Retta and Henry Ehlers Scholarship – Music major in good academic standing. Factors that should be considered are potential, need, and character.

UMD The James R. Murphy Memorial Scholarship – Family, friends, and former students of James R. Murphy have established this scholarship to assist full-time undergraduate students who are members of the UMD Concert Band and/or Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Students may be a music major, or a non-music major.

UMD Jean Nord Music Education Scholarship (Demand and Endowment) – Full-time undergraduate Music Education Majors or minors with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Must be in junior or senior year of study, with a preference given to those who demonstrate financial need.

UMD Robert & Carolyn Flood Scholarship – To provide funding for tuition assistance to UMD music majors enrolled in the Department of Music. Recipients should be in good academic standing.

UMD Kathryn A. Martin Scholarship for Theatre, Jazz and Women's Ice Hockey – Students must be in good standing, with some demonstrated financial need. Renewable. Transfer students are eligible. One of each theater, jazz, and women's ice hockey students are to receive this scholarship each year.

UMD Isaac and Rose Gershgol Scholarship Fund – Undergraduates in Fine Arts who have financial need and who are outstanding as students and performers.

UMD Olive Anna Tezla Scholarship – UMD students who are juniors in Art, Music, or Theater for his/her senior year at UMD. Students must have a GPS of at least 2.8 overall and 3.0 in the major.

Dean's Talent Scholarship – Talent Scholarships are awarded to attract talented freshmen, improve academic quality, achieve desired programmatic balance, and empower individual faculty members to recruit the finest students to their programs. (May also be awarded to transfer students.) Criteria: audition and/or portfolio review, recommendation by individual faculty member, approved by Dept. Heads, awarded through Dean's Office, full-time. May be renewable with a maintained 2.5 GPA, and a high standard of service and role modeling within a program.

Academic Scholarships and Need Based Aid

The University of Minnesota Duluth offers a number of academic scholarships:
Visit for incoming freshmen. Under the University of Minnesota Promise Scholarship (U Promise), ( eligible new Minnesota resident undergraduates with a family income of up to $100,000, who enroll at any of the University's five campuses, will be guaranteed a U Promise Scholarship.

For Further Information


C/o Dee Charles
Department of Music
206 Chester Park Building
31 W. College Street
Duluth, MN 55812


For Information about music department programs and upcoming concerts, please call 218-726-8877