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Cost of Attendance

What is the cost of attendance (COA)?

For the University the COA is an estimated budget determined by the University to calculate a financial aid award.

For the Student/Parents the COA is used to help understand what it will cost to attend that University.

The COA is based on a full-time credit load and is made up of direct and indirect costs that relate to the UMD’s estimated budget figures for an academic year.


UMD’s estimated COA

Estimate for a student seeking their undergraduate degree for the 2017-2018 academic year.

  Minnesota Residents* Midwest Student Exchange Residents** Residents of other states
Tuition and Fees 13 or more credits per semester $13,140 $13,734 $17,486
Room and Board Double occupancy resident hall with full meal plan $7,460 $7,460 $7,460
  Direct costs subtotal $20,600           $21,194 $24,946
Books and Supplies Estimated based on full-time enrollment status per semester $1,200 $1,200 $1,200
Transportation $304 $304 $304
Personal/Miscellaneous $2,144 $2,144 $2,144
  Total cost of attendance $24,248 $24,842 $28,594

*UMD has reciprocity agreements with the states of Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and the province of Manitoba, Canada. If you are a resident of any of these states or province, you may qualify for resident tuition rates with approved reciprocity. Click here for more information on reciprocity.

**UMD is a member of the Midwest Student Exchange Program. Residents of these states qualify for tuition that is slightly higher than in-state tuition: Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Nebraska. Click here for more information on the Midwest Student Exchange Program.


Example, if your student is:

Plan on needing finances to cover an approximate balance of $21,800 for the academic year, or $10,900 per semester.

Tuition and fees $13,140
Room and board $7,460
Books and supplies $1200
Total $21,800

(Billing statements are prepared by semester; however, if financial aid is being used to cover college costs, we recommend you apply for aid for the academic year.)