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Estimated Out-of-Pocket Cost

What is the estimated out-of-pocket cost?

For example, if the student is:

Their cost of attendance would be:

If the student is awarded:

Their out-of-pocket cost would be:

Please note, this is not necessarily what has to be paid out of pocket or applied for in an alternative loan to cover a balance.  Remember, the out-of-pocket calculation assumes all direct and indirect costs, and it is the student’s individual profile that will determine what needs to be financed by out-of-pocket payment(s) and/or loan funding.

*If awarded, federal work study is not guaranteed financial aid.  The student will need to:

Also, federal work study should never be subtracted from the student’s bill.  Federal work study, if awarded, has to show on an award letter as it is calculated in the need-based aid.  Therefore, it is also calculated in the out-of-pocket cost, but should never be deducted as a payment on the student’s bill as the student would be paid for the hours worked with a bi-weekly check.

**If the Federal Student Loans are not accepted and applied for as illustrated on the award offer, the student’s out- of-pocket cost will increase by that amount.  For example: