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Graduation checklists

There are several procedures that you must complete in order to apply for graduation, receive your degree, and participate in commencement. Follow the instructions on these checklists to take care of the details:

Students in professional programs should contact their program office for forms and procedures.

Deadlines to apply for graduation

If you fail to apply by the dates listed, you will not be able to graduate until the following term.

Degree application

All students must apply to graduate.

Commencement information

Students with financial obligations

You will not receive transcripts or diplomas, or have your degree verified, if you owe the University money. According to the academic and administrative policy Withholding Diplomas and Official Transcripts from Students:

The University will not issue diplomas or official transcripts to students with financial obligations equal to, or in excess of, $100 or to students who have not satisfied any student conduct or academic integrity sanctions. Once a student satisfies his or her financial obligation or satisfies the outstanding sanction, the diploma will be issued and the hold barring issuance of the official transcript will be removed.

To view and pay any outstanding balance, view your .


Diplomas are mailed 6-8 weeks after you are cleared for graduation by the Office of the Registrar.