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Self service

Degree planning

Academic Support, Tutoring, & Engagement

Supportive Services Program (SSP), UMD Tutoring Center, disability resources, research opportunities and more

Advising & Academic Services Offices offices

College advising offices and additional resources across the University

APAS & Transfer Credit Evaluation Report

Track your progress with  (the University's degree progress report), determine your academic level, and view transfer credits.

Changing college or major

Instructions, links, and forms for changing your major, college, or campus

Explore degree options

Undergraduate program search, college websites, University catalogs, career services

Graduate in four years

A list of guidelines for staying on track to best suceed and graduate


Degree application proceduresdiploma informationcommencement, and more

Graduation Planner

The online tool that helps you explore degree options, communicate with advisers and plan your academic career

High School Preparation

College requires basic academic foundations of knowledge. View options to gain the academic background required.

Liberal Education requirements

Overview of Liberal Education requirements and the courses that fulfill them

Re-Enroll at UMD

Instructions for re-enrolling, advising and academic services offices, and registrations steps