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Work or Continuation of Studies Abroad

UMD graduates who plan to work or further their education abroad may need to authenticate their degree, transcripts, and coursework in order that a foreign country, work authority, or institution recognizes the studies done at UMD. The following information refers to the authentication of school records.

The authentication process is often called obtaining the Apostille, or the Apostille of the Hague Convention. Please read the summary information below, as well as that on the websites of the University Student Legal Service and the Minnesota Secretary of State for complete information, and the little details. Students studying abroad during their degree program are not required to obtain a U.S. Apostille, except in very rare situations.


The general process of obtaining an Apostille in Minnesota includes:
  • Obtaining official copies of the required documents with original signatures,
  • Having the original signatures recognized by a notary public, and
  • Obtaining the Apostille from the Minnesota Secretary of State.
  • Some countries may require you to translate, or have translated, all the relevant documents. Contact the embassy of the country for which you are obtaining the Apostille for further information. Depending on the country, the translation may need to be done by someone recognized by the host government as an official translator. If any educational documentation required is from a state other than Minnesota, the authentication process for those documents should be done in that state.

We recommend that, if possible, you process all the required documents at the same time, and that before submitting the documents you confirm procedures as well as fees. Educational documents may include your transcript, diploma and, at times, the descriptions for courses on your transcript.

How to authenticate school records


  • Obtain an official copy of your transcript from the UMD Office of the Registrar, as follows:

    • Online,
    • In person at Solon Campus Center 23, or
    • By calling 218-726-8000.

  • Bring your transcript to Kirby Student Center 115 for proper notarization with an acknowledgement by the notary. While you may use any Minnesota recognized notary, be sure that the notary’s license is valid for Minnesota and for at least one year from the date of signature (find a Minnesota notary). The cost of notarization may be $1.00 per page. 

  • Mail or bring this notarized (transcript) document to the Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State:

    Retirement Systems of Minnesota Building
    Minnesota Secretary of State - Certification
    60 Empire Drive Suite 100
    Saint Paul MN  55103-2141      map

    If you choose to mail in your document(s), include a letter indicating for which country you are requesting the Apostille. The office charges a $5.00 fee for each authentication certificate. Optional: Enclose a prepaid FedEx or UPS label to speed up the return of the Apostille document being delivered back to you.

    Phone Lines: (9 a.m. - 4 p.m., M-F) (excluding holidays)
    Metro Area 651-296-2803; Greater MN 1-877-551-6767

    Fax:     651-297-7067


  • Obtain a duplicate University of Minnesota diploma. You may do this online and your diploma will be sent to you. We suggest that you complete a request for a second diploma and use the second diploma for the authentication so that you will have your other one to hang on your wall.
  • The signatures on the diploma must be original.
  • Have the diploma, with the original signature, properly notarized with an acknowledgement by a Minnesota notary public. The notarization of the signature on the diploma can be done at the same time as your diploma is issued, but you will need to ask them to do that in your request. You may also take the diploma to Kirby Student Center 115 for notarization.
  • The diploma is then mailed or brought to the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. Be sure to include with your documents a cover letter with your complete address, the current date, a clear statement as to what you are requesting, and the country in which the documents will be used. This is important because there are different procedures for different countries. The authentication charge is $5.00 per document. For further payment information, please contact the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State.

Course Descriptions

If you are asked to provide descriptions for the courses on your transcript, please complete the following steps:

  • Compile the course descriptions by semester and year. You may consolidate the course descriptions on one or more pages by cutting and pasting. Descriptions for courses taken during or after the 1997–98 academic year may be obtained online at For courses taken previous to that year, please contact UMD One Stop Student Services, Solon Campus Center 23, or call 218-726-8000.
  • Bring the course description sheets to One Stop Student Services and request an official letter confirming their authenticity. The letter and each page of course descriptions will be stamped, signed, and imprinted with the raised seal of the University of Minnesota Duluth.


  • Make sure that your notary has at least one year left on his or her commission.
  • Make copies of the apostilled documents before you send them away.
  • Do not unstaple the Apostille sheet from your documents! That will void the Apostille.

Important websites for further information

University Student Legal Service

Minnesota Secretary of State Website

Websites of Foreign Embassies in the United States