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Closed Classes

Wait List

When a class is closed online, students may add their name to the waitlist option in the online Class Schedule. The waitlist will be sorted, based on priorities like graduation, declared major, etc. If a class has no online waitlist, a student may pursue the following, based on which collegiate unit offers the class.

  • College of Education and Human Service Professions (CEHSP) (120 Bohannon Hall)
    For all psychology classes, the online waitlists are managed by CEHSP staff in 120 Bohannon Hall. Permission numbers are not given out for psychology classes. CEHSP will register students as seats become open. For all other classes, students must contact the department first; then contact the instructor to find out options.

  • College of Liberal Arts (310 Kirby Plaza) 
    Students are advised to review the CLA Wait List site for information and instructions. 

  • Labovitz School of Business and Economics (LSBE) (111A LSBE) 
    Access to most LSBE classes is managed through the online waitlists. The LSBE advising and academic services office manages the lists. 

  • School of Fine Arts (107 MonH)
    Art and design classes are managed through online waitlists. For music or theatre classes, students must contact the department or instructor to find out about options.

  • Swenson College of Science and Engineering (SCSE) (140 EngrB) 
    Waitlists for biology, chemistry, mathematics, and statistics are online. Waitlists for computer science 1000- and 2000-level classes are kept in 140 Engineering Building. For all other SCSE classes, contact the department or instructor for waitlist information.

Register for a Closed Course

To register for a closed course you must have a class permission number from the instructor. All class permission numbers expire at the end of the second week of classes. After the second week you must go to your college office to be given online approval.

Class Permission Schedule

You may use permission numbers to override some limits on class registration. For fall and spring terms, permission may be granted by an instructor, department, or college beginning with registration through the second week of the semester. From week 3 through the last day of instruction, permission is granted by the college advising office. During the summer, class permission schedules vary by course.

  Registration through second week of fall or spring semester Third week through the last day of instruction
Permission granted by: Instructor, department, college Faculty and department head committee
Permission overrides: Class limit, requisites (not to override class time conflicts or credit maximum) Class limit, requisites (not to override class time conflicts or credit maximum)
Process: Instructor or department will distribute the permission number. You can register by entering this permission number either online or on the registration form. Bring the Add a Course form with instructor's written approval to your college office for advising committee review.
Student-specific permission: If you are issued student- specific permission, you will not receive a number but are cleared to register for the class online. NA