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Academic Credit Load - full time enrollment, half time, part time

As a University student, you make the most of two essential resources--time and money--by planning your registration carefully each semester. The number of credits you take impacts your student status, financial aid eligibility, your cost per credit, your ability to graduate in four years, and many other aspects of your academic life. The topics below will help you make well-informed decisions each semester.

Credit Hours & Enrollment Status (full time, half time, or less)

Full, half or less than half-time enrollment status is based on the credit hours of enrollment in a term (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Listed below are the requirements that constitute full-time student status for official enrollment certification purposes by the Office of the Registrar and for financial assistance.

Credit Hours Determining Enrollment Status
  Full time for MN State Grant Full time Half time Less than Half time
Undergraduate* 15 hrs 12 hrs 6 hrs Less than 6 hrs
Graduate* N/A 6 hrs 3-5 hrs Less than 3 hrs
Dentistry, Law School N/A 12 hrs 6 hrs Less than 6 hrs
Dentistry, Law School SUMMER N/A 6 hrs 3 hrs Less than 3 hrs
Medical School N/A 6 hrs 3 hrs Less than 3 hrs

* See Verification Facts & Policy for additional details

** See International Summer-Only full time course enrollment policy

13-Credit Tuition Banding

All undergraduate credits above 13 per semester are tuition-free.

Maximum Semester Credits

  • No undergraduate student may enroll for more than 20 credits per semester without college approval (15 for summer term).
  • Students in the Graduate School may enroll for a maximum of 18 credits per semester.
  • Some colleges or programs may set a minimum credit limit.
  • For more information, check with your college adviser.

Credit Standards Policy

Be familiar with the UMD standards for semester credits, class meeting times, and class delivery definitions.

Financial Aid Eligibility

Credits requirements vary and may change the amount you are eligible to receive from scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid recipients

Be familiar with GPA and timeline standards to ensure qualifying until you complete your degree.