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Grade basis

You are asked to select a grade basis of A-F, S-N, or AUD at the time you register in a course. You may not change your grading option after the second week of classes.

  • A-F or S-N basis

    A-F is the standard letter grading system. S-N stands for Satisfactory / Not satisfactory, and is equivalent to a pass/fail grade basis. If either A-F only or S-N only is printed after the prerequisite statement for a course, you must register for that grading system only. If no grading system is listed, the course is offered for either A-F or S-N grading.

  • AUD for audit (visitor) status

    AUD is used for auditing classes with "visitor" status. As an auditor you enroll in, pay tuition and fees for, and attend classes for the course, but do not complete assignments or take examinations. You do not receive course credits, but the course will appear on your transcript with a "V" (visitor) student status. The credits for the class are counted in determining the credit total for the student services fee, but are not counted for certification or financial aid purposes. You cannot register as an auditor in courses that are required in degree or certificate programs.

Your grading selection

Be aware that colleges have grading system requirements or semester limits on credits taken. Approval from your adviser, instructor, and/or special scholastic committee may be required to register for S/N grading basis for courses within your degree or certificate program and to register over the maximum number credits taken each semester. Consult with your college advising office and the college offering the course for further information or requirements before you register.

If you have the necessary approval, you are ready to register and indicate your grade basis for your class(es). The grade basis system automatically assumes A-F registration. To make another selection, you must select the S-N or AUD option from the drop-down menu when registering online at   or write S-N or AUD in the grade basis column on your printed registration form, if you are registering in person, by mail, or by fax.