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New to UMD?

Welcome to the University of Minnesota Duluth. The following resources will help you get started.

Admissions - Degree Seeking

Non-degree, Visiting, Certificate students

If you want to take classes and are not admitted to the University as a degree-seeking student, One Stop Student Services and the Office for Students in Transition can help you get started

Continuing Education

If you want great educational opportunities but are not seeking academic credit, UMD's Continuing Education staff are ready to assist you.

Orientation & First-Year Students, Students in Transition

U Card Office

"Your Campus Key," the U Card is your University ID to use for vending and bookstore purchases, among other campus uses

Account Initiation and Instructions

For accessing your university email, viewing financial aid awards, registering for classes, updating contact information, viewing grades, billing, and more

Parent /guest access

Give someone access to your financial and academic records

Academic support & tutoring

Locate academic support offices, tutoring, and more

Immunization services

Proof of Immunization is required for admitted students.

Holds "freeze" your student record, indicating a problem that may prevent you from registering or completing other important business at the University until you clear it up.

UMD International Student Services (ISS) Office

Support services to assist international students in successfully accomplishing their academic and personal goals.