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Disbursement is the process of financial aid paying electronically into your Student Account.

Meet requirements

If you register for enough credits and have no financial holds on your record, the aid that you accepted on your eFAAN transfers into your student account before the semester begins.

Financial aid pays your student account

As long as you agreed to the eBusiness Agreement, the money can be used to pay any charges in your account, including housing or bookstore charges. Otherwise, money will only be applied toward the current term's tuition and fees.

You get money or a bill

If you have sufficient financial aid funds to pay off your account, you will receive a credit balance. If your financial aid doesn't cover your balance, you will receive an e-bill at your student email account.

Disbursement timing

Financial Aid Disbursement Dates

First disbursement

Your financial aid will be disbursed into your University student account at the start of each semester if you have registered for the required number of credits (see below). Approximately two weeks before the start of the semester your enrollment is verified and your aid is prepared for early disbursement. Your financial aid could be disbursed into your student account as early as the week before classes begin.

Later disbursements

After the beginning of the semester financial aid is disbursed on a rolling basis. If funds become available to you because you have completed required documentation, cleared a hold, or received an additional source of aid, for instance, your aid will be disbursed as quickly as possible.

Consequences of changing enrollment

At the end of the cancel/add period (the last date to add full semester classes without college scholastic committee approval), your enrollment is verified for the second and last time for the semester. All adjustments to your semester’s aid will be made at that time. You may receive additional aid if you increased your credit load, or if you reduced your credits since early disbursement, you may be asked to repay aid that you are no longer qualified to receive because you don't meet the credit requirements.

Next steps

Direct deposit of your credit balance

You are required by the University to sign up for direct deposit to your bank checking or savings account so your student account credit balance can be transferred to you electronically. Go to Direct Deposit online and complete the authorization form.

Your billing statement

If the financial aid disbursed into your account is not sufficient to pay all of the charges, you will be sent a statement to your University-assigned email account. Do not ignore these notices. Your billing statement will list both a new balance and the minimum payment due and a due date. If the total balance due on any statement is paid in full by the due date, you avoid additional late payment fees.

Pay the University

Pay your . Find details on billing, due dates, the intallment plan, and more on the ways to pay the University.