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Undergraduate Credit Requirements

Before a financial aid award can be paid to your student account you must be enrolled for the minimum number of credits required by the award type.

Scholarships: 6 credits or more

Scholarship credit requirements are determined by the donor. If you receive a private scholarship that does not specify required enrollment, it will pay into your student account if you are enrolled for 6 credits or more each semester.

Grants: amounts vary with credit load

Federal Pell Grants

Pell amount listed on your original financial aid offer is based on the assumption of full-time enrollment. If you take fewer that 12 credits, your Pell eligibility will be reduced.

  • Full time:   12+ credits
  • ¾ time:   9 – 11 credits
  • Half time:   6 – 8 credits
  • Less than half time:  1 – 5 credits

Minnesota State Grant

Minnesota State Grants require you to be enrolled for 15 credits or more each semester to receive your full award. If you register for less than 15 credits, your grant will be reduced by a prorated amount. You must be registered for at least 3 credits to be considered for a state grant award.


Work-study requires you to be enrolled for 6 credits or more each semester.

Loans: 6 credits or more

You must be enrolled for at least 6 credits to be eligible for Ford Federal Direct student loans. Federal Perkins Loans and University Trust Fund Loans require a minimum 12 credits of enrollment each semester.

Exceptions for final semester

Exceptions to the enrollment requirement may be made for some aid programs (excluding Pell Grants and Minnesota State Grants) if you are an undergraduate in your final term of study and are registered for at least 6 credits. Your academic adviser must provide written verification that the credits for which you are registered will fulfill the graduation requirements.


Your enrollment is reviewed approximately two weeks prior to the start of the term. Your financial aid awards will be adjusted to reflect your enrollment on that date to allow your financial aid to be paid into your student account at the earliest opportunity. Your enrollment will be reviewed for the final time each term at the end of the cancel/add period—the last date to add full semester classes without college scholastic committee approval. At that time, final adjustments to your term's aid are made; additional aid is paid if you now qualify due to increased credits, or, if you reduced credits; your student account will be billed back any aid funds for which you no longer qualify. Classes added after this date will not be included when determining your enrollment level. 

Audit coursework

Audit registration ("V" registration) does not count toward financial aid credit requirements.

Online and Distance Learning (ODL) courses

Extended-term (9-month) ODL courses do not count, with two exceptions: the Minnesota State Grant and the Minnesota GI Bill allow all ODL courses you are enrolled in during the first two weeks of the semester to be counted. No restrictions are made on financial aid for term-based (semester) ODL courses.