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Repayment Research

If you received loans while attending multiple institutions or have not been enrolled as a student for many years, you may have trouble tracking down your student loan history. You will never have this issue for loans taken at the University of Minnesota. However, for assistance finding information about prior loans, go to the following sources.

Federal student aid

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) maintains a centralized national database of data from schools, guarantee agencies, the Direct Loan program, and other ED programs. As a student loan recipient, you can access an integrated view and and inquire about your Title IV loans.

Credit bureaus

Free credit reports are available at and provide a loan history that includes your student loans. Credit reports requested online are viewable immediately upon authentication of your identity. You may also request reports by phone or mail that will be processed within 15 days of receiving your request. The site is sponsored by the three national credit bureaus: