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Request a new loan

You may want to request an additional student loan to help you meet your financial obligations as a student or parent. The University normally offers students the full amount of loan for which you are eligible on your initialeFAAN. Your financial aid package will come as close as possible to fully meeting your cost of attendence. Therefore, requesting an additional loan is quite rare.

Steps to take

Contact One Stop and speak to a counselor to see if you are eligible for a loan, and which programs you should consider.

Make wise borrowing choices

Track your overall debt and make sure you are leaving yourself sufficient loan eligibility to complete your degree program. Undergraduate and Graduate /Professional student loan charts point out some of the major differences between loan programs for which you may be eligible.

Common circumstances for a new loan request

  • You advance a grade level (from sophomore to junior, for instance) in the middle of the academic year.
  • Your parent decides to request a PLUS loan to help meet their estimated family contribution
  • You lose or reduce another form of aid:
    • You reject or reduce a work study award
    • You lose eligibility for a scholarship
    • Your family is unable to qualify for a PLUS loan
  • Your cost of attendance or your financial need changes:
    • You are planning to study abroad or doing some other special program
    • You have exceptional medical expenses or disability-related costs, and an appeal is approved
    • Your family has job loss or other special circumstances, and an appeal is approved