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Billing Statements

Your billing statement totals the amount due on your student account from any tuition and fee charges, University housing charges, charges from other University offices, and previously unpaid account balances. You may pay on your account at any time after your tuition has been calculated on your student account; however, your billing statement will show you the exact charges and credits applied to your account as of the date the bill was created.

To view and/or pay your billing statement online, log in to your student account. In addition, you can obtain current balance and up-to-date information about other credits and charges at your student account.

If you will be using the installment payment plan, wait until the billing statement is produced to get your minimum payment amount.

Requesting corrections or clarification

To request a correction or clarification on a billing item, please contact the department that placed the charge as soon as you receive your statement. For example, if you feel that you have been charged incorrectly for your on-campus housing, contact University Housing and Residential Life. One Stop Student Services counselors cannot alter or change charges that have been placed on your account by another department. You may contact One Stop Student Services if you need assistance determining what department is responsible for a charge to your student account.