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Tuition & Course Fees

Tuition and course fees are refunded on the following general schedule for semester-length courses:

  • if you cancel by the end of the first week of the semester or before, you will receive a 100% refund;
  • 75% by the end of the second week;
  • 50% by the end of the third week;
  • 25% by the end of the fourth week; and
  • 0% thereafter.

Refunds for Online and Distance Learning (ODL) extended-term courses are different.


Cancellations are effective the day they are processed and strictly follow the dates listed on the refund schedule (exceptions are not made for classes that have not yet met for the week).

Your refund will be based on the date you officially cancel (by canceling online or in person at One Stop Student Services), not on the date you stopped attending class. Cancel immediately if you stop attending class for any reason.

If your tuition and fees are not paid in full, any refund you receive will be a monetary credit applied to your unpaid balance.