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Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO)

The Post Secondary Enrollment Options Act (PSEOA) allows eligible juniors and seniors in Minnesota schools to register for postsecondary course work with tuition, books, and some fees paid by the Minnesota Department of Education. PSEO students take UMD courses and earn college credit while also satisfying their high schools' graduation requirements.

The PSEO Program within Students in Transition supports current high school students in their transition to University life. We work closely with high school counselors to help students select proper courses. Services include making referrals to other UMD departments. Students who have completed the 11th grade are eligible for two semesters of PSEO. Students who have completed the 12th grade are not eligible for this program.

PSEO students register for classes after all other UMD students have been registered. Open seats in any course are not guaranteed.

PSEO applicants hoping to take online courses:
PSEO students are limited to registration in one online course per term with permission from the PSEO adviser.

Click here to learn about eligibility requirements and information on how to complete an application.