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Guest Student, Non-Degree Registration

When to register

  • Non-degree students are eligible to register any time during "Open Registration." Verify the Open Registration times for semester which you are interested in attending.
    • Summer term: registration begins the first Monday in March
    • Fall term: registration begins in April
    • Spring term: registration begins in November
  • See the academic calendar for other important dates, such as when the term starts and ends, finals week, deadlines for changing your registration, future term registration dates, and holidays.
  • If your initial registration for that term occurs on or after the first day of the term, you are subject to a late registration fee.

Before you register

  • One Stop: Take a moment to familiarize yourself with One Stop, the main source for all up-to-date registration policies and procedures, deadlines, course offerings, and financial aid information.
  • Registration form tips:
    • See Prepare to Register if you have questions.
    • You will usually need to select your grade basis to determine how you will be graded unless a course is specified "A/F-only" (letter grade A-F) or "S/N-only" (satisfactory or no credit).
    • Courses required for a major must be taken for a letter grade (A-F) unless the course is specified as S-N.
    • If consent (permission) is required to register for a course, contact the appropriate department offering the course for specific information and procedures.
  • Visiting students: Check with your home college about accepting credits taken at the University of Minnesota.

How to register

If this is your first time registering for classes at UMD:

  • Complete the online application. Your request is sent via e-mail to One Stop.
  • You will receive an e-mail notification when your e-mail registration request form is processed. 
  • You must select either graduate or undergraduate at the time of initial application. To change credit types from undergraduate to graduate, non-degree students must re-apply. Contact SIT for advising.

If it has been two or more terms since you last registered, you will need to reactivate your non-degree status within University Studies at UMD. Complete and return the Request for Re-enrollment form to One Stop Student Services.

Continuing students register online.

If you need to register In Person on campus:

Graduate-level courses for graduate credit (course number 5000 and above):
Students who take a course for graduate-level credit will pay the graduate tuition rate on all courses for the term. If you have any questions, contact One Stop Student Services.