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Senior Citizen Education Program

The Senior Citizen Education Program (SCEP) is part of a Minnesota state statute in order to provide senior citizens with higher education opportunities.

Program fees

If you meet the residency and age requirements of the SCEP, you may audit courses free of charge or take courses for credit at $10 per credit. Whether you audit or earn credits for the course, you must pay any required laboratory or materials fees.


To receive SCEP-reduced tuition benefits, you must self disclose to the University of Minnesota that you are a Minnesota resident and 62 or older BEFORE the start of the term for which you are registering. You are also eligible if you are 60 years old and receiving a railroad retirement annuity.

Before registration for classes you need to come in to One Stop Student Services (23 Solon Campus Center) and provide identification to verify your age, Minnesota residency, and (if applicable) railroad retirement annuity.

Eligibility & Registration