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DEAP (Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance Program–Chapter 35)

You may be eligible if you are the spouse or dependent of a veteran who:

  • is totally and permanently disabled from a service-related injury.
  • died due to a service-related injury.

Benefit guidelines

You will receive a stipend for personal use for up to 45 months if you are a full-time student. The rates for part-time students are reduced proportionately. Visit the United States Department of Veterans Affairs for complete information on current rates.

Generally, spouses must use this benefit within 10 years from the date their eligibility was determined by USDVA. Children must use the benefit between ages of 18–26.

Documentation required for Chapter 35

Please submit completed forms or document copies to the Veterans Certification Office, according to your circumstances.

If you have never applied for benefits, submit:

  1. Application for Survivors and Dependents Educational (22-5490)
  2. Veterans Enrollment Certificate

If you have had a one-year break in attendance at UMD, or if you used your benefit at another institution, submit:

  1. Change of Program or Place of Training (22-5495)
  2. Veterans Enrollment Certificate

If you received your benefit at UMD within the last year, submit:

  1. Veterans Enrollment Certificate