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Wisconsin National Guard Benefits

You are eligible for this tax-free tuition assistance grant if you are an enlisted member of the Wisconsin National Guard or Warrant Officer, in good standing, working towards your first bachelor's degree.

If you were enlisted in the Wisconsin National Guard on July 25, 2003, or later, you may use the Wisconsin National Guard Tuition Grant at:

  • an extension division or any campus of the University of Wisconsin System
  • a public institution of higher education under the Minnesota-Wisconsin student reciprocity agreement
  • a public institution of higher education under a statutorily approved interstate agreement
  • an accredited institution of higher education, as defined in 20 USC 1002, that is physically located within the State of Wisconsin.

If you enlisted in the Wisconsin National Guard prior to July 25, 2003, you may be able to use the grant outside the state of Wisconsin.

If you are currently enrolled college student and enlist during a semester, you may be eligible to have your tuition reimbursed for that semester.

Benefits provided

This benefit may be used towards eight semesters of your college education. The tuition grant is paid as a reimbursement to you after completing a class or semester of school.

The Wisconsin National Guard Tuition Grant Program will pay the amount of the tuition charged by a qualifying school or the rate calculated by the University of Wisconsin Madison (currently calculated as $2,627.04 per semester maximum), whichever is less.

Application procedures

You must send a Pre-application (DMA Form 189-E) to the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs within 30 day of the semester/course start day.

You must submit the Wisconsin National Guard Tuition Grant Application no later than 60 days after you complete a term. You must fill in the "Student Portion" of the application and submit it to the Veterans Resource Center to certify that you satisfactorily completed your course(s). The Veterans Certification coordinator in 139 Darland Administration Building will submit your completed application to the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs within two business days after final grades have been posted.

Grant checks will be disbursed to you by the Department of Military Affairs within 8-10 weeks of receiving your application.

Student Loan Repayment Plan

If you are a Wisconsin Army National Guard member in good standing who has preexisting student loans, you may qualify for the Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP). To qualify, as a non-prior service member enlisting for the SLRP, you must:

  1. score 50 or greater on the ASVAB,
  2. be MOS qualified, and
  3. enlist for 6-8 years.

If you are a prior service member, you must:

  1. be in a high priority unit,
  2. reenlist for six years,
  3. have been a member of the National Guard for the last 3 consecutive years,
  4. be MOSQ, and
  5. be in a vacant position in the unit.

Benefits provided

This program will repay up to $20,000 of student loan debt. After completing a qualifying year, the Guard will pay a minimum of 15 percent or $500, with a cap of $3,000 on principal for the years of your initial enlistment contract.

Other Wisconsin benefits

  • VA Home Loans
  • Retirement Pay
  • Family Assistance Program
  • Youth Programs
  • Wisconsin National Guard Enlisted Association (WNGEA)
  • Life Insurance (SGLI / WINGA)
  • Base Privileges (Post Exchange, Commissary, etc.)
  • Space Available Travel

For information on these benefits please refer to: 
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