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Graduate Program: Sample Theses and Projects

Projects (P) and Theses (T)

Experimental neutrino physics
  • An Overview of the Main Injection Neutrino Oscillation Search, the Rack Protection System, and methods to degauss a large iron calorimeter particle detector (T)
  • A search for a cosmic ray point source with the MINOS Far Detector (T)
  • Neutrino astronomy with the Super-K detector (P)
The MINOS Far Detector.
Wave functions plotted for strong and weak coupling.
Computational particle physics
  • Numerical solutions of a quantum field theory (T)
  • Zero-mode calculations in discretized light-cone quantization (T)
  • Application of function expansion methods in light-cone quantization (P)
Physical oceanography and geophysics
  • Computer modeling of tidal rhythmites (P)
  • Finite difference computer model of orbital debris (T)
  • Near infrared relationship between remote sensing reflectance and the inherent optical properties of coastal waters (T)
  • Characterization of internal waves in Lake Superior (T)
Small research boat on Lake Superior.
Scanning microscope image of gold film.
Condensed matter physics
  • Photoreflectance studies of RbI (P)
  • Characterization of piezoelectrics with a stepper motor (P)
  • Tunnel diode-based measurements of piezoelectric response (P)
  • Growth and optical measurements of LiD and LiH (P)
  • Analysis of GaAs photoreflectance data (P)
  • Optical interferometry for AFM (P)
  • Methods for the measurement of the frequency response of PZT tubes (T)
  • Preliminary testing of an STM (P)
  • Electronic control system for an STM (P)
  • Tuning fork frequence shifts near a surface (P)
  • Characterizing quartz tuning forks (P)
Other areas
  • Instructional apparatus for Curie temperature measurements on Gd (P)
  • Instructional photo-timer system based on programmable logic (P)
  • Discovery-based laboratories in general physics (P)
Plot of frequency response.
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