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University of Minnesota Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium


Howard Mooers

Dr. Howard Mooers

Planetarium Director

Dr. Howard Mooers is Director of the Planetarium and Professor and Head of the Department of Geological Sciences. Howard teaches Introduction to Astronomy as well as numerous courses in geology. An avid amateur astronomer since his youth, Howard spends evenings with his 8-year-old daughter in his private observatory.

Shane Loeffler

Program Assistant

Shane is a Geology major at UMD. He is also pursuing an Astronomy minor. A native of the North Shore, he enjoys the outdoors and nature in all of its many forms. He loves science and the cosmic perspective that it brings, especially astronomy. His favorite thing to do is show people how ridiculously weird, enormous, and cool the universe that we're part of is.

Allie Mike

Program Assistant

Allie is a junior majoring in Art and minoring in Film Studies at UMD. She likes going on adventures in the great outdoors, eating chocolate, and playing with her two rats, Olimar and Pollux. Allie has been fascinated by astronomy since she was small and would stargaze at her grandparents' cabin on Lake Vermilion.

Emily Vanlonden

Program Assistant

 Emily is a junior at UMD who is majoring in Geology with two minors in Biology and Astronomy. She enjoys shunning Kim in her spare time for not watching Star Wars. She likes Star Wars. She also swims competitively for North Shore Swim Team and has been into astronomy her whole life.

Kimberly Seifert

Program Assistant

 Kimberly is a freshman at UMD who is studying to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Design and Tech. She has recently taken an interest in astronomy, thanks to a close friend. Her favorite part about working at the planetarium is learning new things about space. In her spare time, Kimberly likes to do photography and sing. Her coworkers shun her due to the fact that she has not seen Star Wars.

Jesse Vetsch

Program Coordinator

Jesse Vetsch studies Physics at UMD, as well as Math and Journalism. One day he will go boldly where no one has gone before. Currently he puts his talents into the planetarium and other pursuits of knowledge spreading. His family has always given him a strong interest in the world beyond himself. He simply aims to return the favor.



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