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UMD Astronomy Minor

Marshall W. Alworth PlanetariumUMD does not have a major in Astronomy, however there is a minor in Astronomy. Requirements are:

Ast 1040: Introductory Astronomy (3cr, LE Cat. 5)
Ast 4110: Observational Astronomy (3cr)
Math 1296: Calculus I (5cr)
Math 1297: Calculus II (5cr)
Phys 2011: General Physics I (4cr)
Phys 2012: General Physics II (4cr)
Phys 2021: Relativity and Quantum Physics (4cr)
Phys 3561: Astrophysics (3cr)
one of:
Geol 2120: The Earth's Dynamic Interior (3cr)
or Ast 2040: The Solar System (3cr)

Total credits required: 34

The astronomy minor enhances students' understanding of the formation, structure, and evolution of the Universe while providing a sound foundation for professional programs in the sciences. The minor program covers a wide range of topics in general astronomy, comparative planetology, stellar dynamics, astrophysics, cosmology, and techniques of astronomical observation and analysis.

The Astronomy minor is a great complement to the Physics, Math or Geology Majors since it
applies much of what a student would learn with those majors, and many of the classes overlap.  It can also complement any major that requires a lot of math and physics, particularly the Chemistry major.

Official UMD Astronomy Minor Page

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