Board of Advisors

The Precambrian Research Center recruited an august group of geoscientist from industry, academia, and government to serve on a Board of Advisors whose role is to offer advice and counsel to the PRC directors on PRC programs.  The Board serves as a vehicle for communication and interaction between the PRC, academia, geological surveys, and the mineral industry.  In addition to being ambassadors for the PRC in the larger geological community, the board provides fresh and objective viewpoints to the PRC on strategy, curriculum, funding opportunities, and research programs.  Board members may also engage PRC-supported students as co-op employers, mentors and guest speakers. 

Two of the board positions are filled by the heads of the PRC’s supervising institutions (NRRI's Center for Applied Research and Development (CARTD) and the Department of Geological Sciences) or their appointees.  Three positions are filled by representatives from the Minnesota Geological Survey (its Director), the U.S. Geological Survey, and a Canadian survey (Canadian Geological Survey, Ontario Geological Survey, or Manitoba Geological Survey).  Three positions are filled by leading academics that are renowned for their field-based research of Precambrian rocks and three chairs will be filled by prominent consulting geologists with broad knowledge of the exploration and minerals industry.  Several positions may be added for representatives of mineral exploration and mining companies and individuals who have been sustaining members of the PRC.  

The PRC Board of Advisors meets annually in conjunction with the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention held each March in Toronto.

2013 Board Meeting: Monday, March 4th; 7-9:00AM, Toronto Hilton (Opus Room)

Current PRC Board Members

NRRI position - Donald Fosnacht, Director, Center for Applied Research and Development

UMD position -Ron Morton, Head, Department of Geological Sciences

MGS position -Harvey Thorleifson, Director, Minnesota Geological Survey

USGS position - Bruce Lipin, Scientist Emeritus, Eastern Mineral Res., U.S. Geological Survey - Reston

Canadian Survey position -Mark Smyk, Northwest Regional Manager, Ontario Geological Survey

First Academic position -Harold Gibson, Professor, Director-Minerals Exploration Res. Centre, Laurentian Univ.

Second Academic position - Mark Hannington, Professor, Goldcorp Chair in Economic Geology, Univ. of Ottawa

Third Academic position - Paul Spry, Professor of Economic Geology, Iowa State University

First Consultant Position - James Franklin, formerly Chief Scientist, Geological Survey of Canada

Second Consultant Position - Rick Sandri, President, Vermilion Gold

First Industry position - Michael Ressel, Chief Geologist - North America, Newmont Mining Corp.

Second Industry position - Vern Baker, President, Duluth Metals Ltd.

Third Industry Position - Ron Graber, General Manager – Resource Technology, Cliffs Natural Resources


Former PRC Board of Advisor Members

Anthony (Tony) Naldrett - Emeritus Professor of Geology, University of Toronto (2006-2009)

Odin Christensen - Former Chief Geologist, Newmont Mining Corporation (2006-2009)

Alan Bailes - Senior Geologist (retired), Manitoba Geological Survey (2006-2010)

Alar Soever, President and Director, Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd. (2006-2010)

Greg Stott - Senior Geologist (retired), Ontario Geological Survey (2007-2011)

Dave Groves - Former Chief Geologist, Newmont Mining Corporation (2009-2011)

Bruce Marsh, Professor of Igneous Petrology, Johns Hopkins University (2006-2011)