Field Camp Powerpoint Presentations

and Handouts

Compiled below are powerpoint presentations and related handouts for the lectures given throughout the field camp.

PPT/pfd Title Author Exercise
PPT Introduction to Field Camp Miller/Hudak Introduction
PPT Geological Mapping Peterson Introduction
PPT Field Safety Patelke Introduction
PPT Proterozoic Geology of Northeastern MN Miller Introduction
pdf Precambrian Geology of MN (MN at a Glance) Minnesota Geological Surv. Introduction
PPT Collecting Field Data Miller Exercise 2A
PPT Components of Geologic Maps Miller Exercise 2A
PPT Field Geophysics Wattrus Exercise 2B
PPT Introduction to Mafic Layered Intrusions Miller Exercise 3
pdf RI58-Geology and Mineral Deposits of the DC Miller Exercise 3
PPT North Shore Geology Miller Exercise 4
PPT Maturi Cu-Ni Deposit Peterson Exercise 7
PPT Glacial Geology Primer Larson Exercise 8A
PPT Introduction to Greenstone Belts Hudak Exercise 8B
PPT South Kawishiwi Pitch Peterson Capstone 1
PPT Temperance Lakes Capstone Pitch Miller Capstone 2
PPT Knife Lake Capstone Pitch Jirsa Capstone 3
PPT Devils Track Lake Capstone Pitch Boerboom Capstone 4
PPT Esther Lake Capstone Pitch Larson

Capstone 5