PRC Research Grants


A primary objective of the PRC is to provide financial and advisory support to students who are conducting field-based research on the Precambrian geology of the Lake Superior region.

Each spring, the PRC will make funds available to undergraduate and graduate students, who are currently enrolled in an accredited geology program, to help pay the costs related to such field studies. Grants will typically range between $500 and $1000. The total amount of funds available each year will depend on the annual level of Corporate and Individual Membership contributions to the PRC.

Due to insufficient funds, PRC Research Grants are unavailable for 2015

Research Activities Eligible for a PRC Research Grant
PRC grants are mainly intended to support field studies of Precambrian geology. As such, activities and supplies that may be funded by a PRC Research Grant include:
- lodging and meal costs during field mapping or core logging*(meal per diem - $25/day)
- lodging and meal costs for a field assistant, when necessary
- transportation costs to and from the field area ($0.25/mile)
- purchase of field maps, mapping supplies, and basic field equipment (hammer, chisel, notebook, handlens, sample bags, first aid kit...)
- cost of thin sections (using a PRC-approved vendor)

*Core logging is commonly an integral component of many "field studies" of Precambrian rocks in the glaciated Canadian Shield and is therefore considered eligible for PRC-RG funding

Activities and supplies that are not eligible for funding include:
- purchase of a GPS unit, Bruton compass, digital camera, two-way radios, or other field equipment that costs in excess of $50; However, these types of items may be borrowed from the PRC.
- cost of geochemical analyses

For more information about PRC research grants:

Contact: Dr. Jim Miller, PRC director
Office Phone: 218-720-4350 (NRRI), 218-726-6582 (UMD)

Benedek at  Bardon Peak

Tom and Dean on OC

Natalie and Shelby

Brian and Gabe at Thomson

Brian and George

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North Shore seacliffs

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