Letters of Support

In building the conceptual model for the PRC early in 2006, we approached many respected geoscientists in industry, academia, geological surveys, and governmental agencies to comment on the goals and objectives of the Precambrian Reseach Center, which we laid out in a preliminary business plan. Specifically, we asked how the programs of the PRC might benefit the geosciences in general, and their subdiscipline of geology in particular. Without exception, the responses have been enthusiastically supportive. Here is a sampling:

Marcus Milling, Former Director (deceased), American Geological Institute, January 6, 2006

Stephen J. Turner, Chief Geologist, Newmont Mining, January 31, 2006

Alan H. Bailes, Chief Geologist, Precambrian Section, Manitoba Geological Survey, February 7, 2006

Anthony J. Naldrett, Emeritus Professor of Economic Geology, University of Toronto, Feburary 9, 2006

Doug Hunter, VP Exploration, Wallbridge Mining, February 14, 2006

Ernest K. Lehmann, President, Minnesota Exploration Assoc., February, 2006

Chris Laughton, Subsurface Solutions, March 9, 2006

Dean Rossell, Chief Geologist, Nickel Program, Kennecott Exploration, March 10, 2006

Richard Patelke, Chief Geologist-Northmet Project, Polymet Mining, March 15, 2006

Harvey Thorleifson, Director, Minnesota Geological Survey, March 17, 2006

Dave Peck, Global Commodity Leader-Nickel, Anglo American Exploration (Canada) Ltd., April 4, 2006

Thomas Gardner, President, Rendrag Inc., April 24, 2006

Richard Fink, General Manager-Technical Services, Cleveland-Cliffs, May 9, 2006