University of Minnesota

Professional Staff Council


What Is the Professional Staff Council?

The Professional Staff Council is the governing body of the Professional Staff Association. The twelve members of the Council are elected for two-year terms, and may be elected for more than one term. Terms rotate so that each year 50% of the Council membership is up for election. Council members are elected from and by the members of the Professional Staff Association. A person shall be considered a member of the Professional Staff Association by meeting the following criteria:

  • Professional staff as defined in the UMD Campus Assembly Bylaws, or
  • Professional as defined by Minnesota Law, or
  • As defined by the University of Minnesota Civil Service Guidelines, or
  • As resolved by a committee established to address membership questions.
Purpose of the Professional Staff Council
  • Facilitate productive discussions of issues confronting the professional staff of UMD
  • Advisory body to UMD administration
  • Liaison for professional staff to the Campus Assembly and the Student Association
  • Promote the interests of higher education and research
  • Advance the interests, stature and welfare of the Association at UMD

The Professional Staff Council sponsors two to three forums during each academic year. These forums focus on administrative summaries by the UMD Chancellor and Vice Chancellors and address current University and campus issues.