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  • The Association is the UMD Professional Staff Association aka (PSA), consists of Duluth campus employees: (1) Civil Service, non-represented employees; and (2) Academic Professional and Administrative (P&A) employees; without faculty appointment. Refer to job codes specified on the The Council website.
  • The Council – Professional Staff Council aka (PSC) is the governing body of The Association.
  • Ex-officio member – a discussion participating guest who is non-voting and non-elected
  • CSS – is the University Civil Service Senate.  It is a 50-member body that represents Civil Service employees at the University of Minnesota (U of MN).
  • CSS Representative – an ex-officio member of the Professional Staff Council and representative of Civil Service Senate
  • P&AS – The P&A Senate represents Academic Professionals and Administrators (P&A) at the University of Minnesota (U of MN)
  • P&AS Representative – an ex-officio member  of the Professional Staff Council and a representative of P&A Senate


The name of this organization is the UMD Professional Staff Association.

The mission of The Association through The Council is to facilitate productive discussions of issues confronting the professional staff of UMD; to be an advisory body to UMD administration; to be a liaison for professional staff to the Campus Assembly; to promote the interests of higher education and research and to advance the interests, stature and welfare of The Association at UMD.


Membership of The Association shall consist of the following:

a.    Voting Members:  The voting membership of The Association shall be composed of elected Council members.

b.    Non-voting Members: Members of The Association

c.    Ex-Officio Members (Non-voting):  CSS Representative,  P&AS Representative, former Council members

A person shall be qualified for membership in The Association if he/she meets any of the following criteria:

1.    Professional staff definition as defined in Duluth Campus Assembly Bylaws, 1983, Article II, Sec 3 and Sec 4; or

2.    Professional as defined by Minnesota Law 179-A.03, sub.d 13; or

3.    as defined by University of Minnesota Civil Service Employment Rules; or

4.    as resolved by The Council established to address membership questions.

As such, the job classifications meeting the requirements are eligible members of The Council.


The Association shall assemble at least two times each year to be accomplished by a forum or as determined by The Council.


The governing body of The Association shall be The Council whose members shall be elected by The Association.

1. Membership to The Council

a. The Council shall consist of 12 members elected to two-year terms. Council members must have a continuing appointment of 50% or greater. A council membersí appointment must be with a UMD campus department.

b. Council members shall serve a term of two years from July 1 to June 30 and shall be eligible for re-election one year after the expiration of their previous term or after a one-year interval.

c. The Council memberís term shall be arranged so that fifty percent of the members shall be up for election each time; election to be finalized before May 31. The President shall notify the newly elected members within two weeks of the finalized election.

d. Vacancies on the Council due to resignation shall be filled by the person with the next highest number of votes received during the last election to finish the term of the member leaving. If a candidate is not available from the last election, the Council will solicit and/or appoint a candidate from The Association roster.

e. Officers of The Council are considered to be officers of The Association.

2. Officers: The officers of The Council shall be President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers shall be elected to a 1-year term.

a. The Council officers shall be elected at the meeting after the election.

b. The President shall preside over meetings of The Council and The Association. He/she shall establish an agenda for meetings; he/she shall bring such items or concerns as The Council determines to the Administration, Campus Assembly or other constituencies or individuals as deemed appropriate. He/she shall communicate The Council business to constituents.

c. The Vice-president shall preside over meetings in the absence of the President and perform other duties as requested. He/she shall be parliamentarian for The Council and The Association using Roberts Rules of Order as a guide.

d. The Secretary shall record minutes of The Councilís regular meetings and once approved by The Council, forward minutes to the President for posting online.

e. The Treasurer shall conduct the financial affairs of The Council. The Treasurer shall provide a financial Activity Report at regular meetings. The outgoing Treasurer shall submit an annual financial Activity Report to the President by June 30.

3. Meetings: The Council shall meet monthly. Additional meetings may be convened by the President as deemed necessary. The Council or The Association constituents shall submit agenda items to the President.

a. A quorum shall consist of simple majority of the total voting membership of The Council.

b. All persons shall be entitled to speak at The Council meetings at the discretion of the President.

c. All Council meetings shall be open to The Association constituents and invited guests.

d. Only officers of The Council shall be entitled to vote on motions or matters of substance.

e. A member of The Council shall be said to have neglected a meeting if the member does not attend a meeting of The Council and does not notify the President of the impending absence. A member of The Council shall forfeit membership by neglecting three consecutive meetings per year. The president shall meet with any member who misses three consecutive meetings to discuss the viability of the individualís continuing participation on The Council.

f. For proper maintenance of The Association website, a Webmaster shall be appointed by The Council from among the members. If no Council member is available, The Council may seek a volunteer and he/she may serve as an ex-officio member.

The Webmaster shall provide the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to committee members to use as a guide when coordinating events or elections.

g. All members of The Council are expected to attend all Council sponsored events.

4. Committees: The Council shall establish such committees as is deemed necessary or appropriate. The President shall appoint the Chair for each committee. Each Council member is expected to serve on at least one committee per year.

a. An Election Committee shall be appointed each spring to solicit nominees from The Association membership and to conduct the election process for The Council Officers and UMD Campus Assembly Representatives.

Council election process shall strive to achieve a balance between civil service, non-represented employees; and Academic Professional and Administrative (P&A) employees; as well as representation from units across campus.

b. Celebrate U Committee

c. Fall Forum Assembly Committee

d. Spring Forum Assembly Committee

e. A Membership Committee shall be established when necessary to resolve membership questions.


The Council may establish by-laws and make changes to such by-laws by a simple majority of the total voting membership of The Council.


Changes to the constitution must be approved by a simple majority of the total voting membership of The Council.

Amended 8/12/2009
Amended 4/11/2012

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