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The Department of Psychology

The College of Education & Human Service Professions

Consider Your Reasons for an Internship in Psychology

Pre-Internship is for students who want to do a psychology internship for credit. Students typically take Internship Preparation (Psy 3010) and then take the Internship in Psychology (Psy 3011) in one of the following semesters.

Before taking the pre-internship course, you should consider what you want from internship and decide if this course is right for you.

Reasons Not to Enroll for Pre-Internship:

1) You are graduating, transferring, or leaving UMD at the end of the semester. (You would not have time to do an internship through the Psychology department).

2) You want the experience, but do not plan to do it for credit or do not need any elective credits in Psychology (You could volunteer).

3) You want to do a paid internship for a company, but it is not related to psychology. (You could do the paid internship).

4) The internship you plan to do is at some distance from Duluth. (You probably would not want to drive back to Duluth for a weekly meeting and the UMD faculty member would not be able to visit you on site).

5) You have a full load of credits, an outside job, and many other activities so that your internship would need to fit into the few free hours that you have each week. (An organization would need you to be flexible so you need to do an internship when you really have the time in your schedule).

6) You need to do an internship for a major or minor in another department, but would prefer to do your internship through psychology (You need to check with the other department and be certain this will fulfill your requirements).

7) You heard that an internship was a good way to get into graduate school or a good way to get a job, but you are not really interested in doing an internship. (You should do an internship when you really have time and energy to be of service to an organization. There are other ways to build your resume and you should pick something that is interesting to you).

8) You want to do your internship with a job that you already have. (Internship must be genuinely new opportunities for students, so we do not permit internship where students already work).

9) You have heard about a particular internship and want that internship and no other. (This can be a problem because some sites take only one student each semester. We cannot guarantee anyone a particular internship, or be certain that one of our students will get the internship. You need to be flexible about your site selection).

10) You would not pass a criminal background check. (Interns working with children or vulnerable populations must pass criminal background checks and you will be asked to do this during the pre-internship course. Some sites also require students to pass a driving background check).

Reasons to do an Internship Through the Psychology Department:

1) You genuinely want experience working in a human services organization.

2) You want that experience to be for psychology credits so that it will show on your transcript.

3) You want to build your resume or prepare for graduate school but you also want to be a real service to the community.

4) You are finished with most of your requirements or have a semester when you can take fewer credits so you have the time and energy for an internship.

5) You are uncertain about your career choice and need to get experience, make contacts, obtain references and face the reality of looking for a job related to psychology.

6) You have been studying the theoretical and experimental side of psychology and want to apply what you have learned.

7) You are excited about this opportunity and ready to begin.