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Online Courses: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Are there any extra credit assignments I can do to boost my grade?


A.   Depending on what course(s) you are working with, this question has different answers:
  • Some courses do offer extra credit…refer to the syllabus, or in doubt ask the professor.
  • For classes that do not have extra credit, focus on the homework assignments – there are a lot of potential points there.
  • Ask yourself, what are the study techniques, and go to this web site designed for online course study tips:
  • Some books offer learning objectives at the end of each chapter, refer to these, making sure to be able to answer and explain all before taking the test.

Q.   I find the tests difficult. What material should I be focusing on?

A.   The questions are made at a difficult level because of past problems with cheating. Also, to prevent cheating, all the tests are randomly generated. Giving specifics subjects to focus on is hard. Focus on what information is presented in the unit outline and to be sure to understand all learning objectives. You may also want to refer to this site:

Q.   Is it just me or are other students having a difficult time getting some essential links? I often get "page cannot be found" on the top of the screen. Am I doing something wrong? I am using the public libraries computer and maybe they aren’t set up correctly. Could you help me out with this?

A.   First make sure their computer is set up correct (proxy...)

  • refer them to ´technical requirements´ for help with this.
  • If you encounter frequent problems with the same computer, suggest they try another. If you are on campus, there are computers available for your use in Kirby Plaza 395 and Cina 22.
  • Make sure you know your email user name/password to enter the course
  • If you encounter a dead link, try to search for it though google (usually pretty good about finding the site- there is enough information in the unit to find the right one) and to email the corresponding professor/course as to which one is down so it can be fixed.