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The Department of Psychology

The College of Education & Human Service Professions

Advanced undergraduates can take 5xxx-level courses offered in our graduate program

These classes count towards your *undergraduate* degree and are charged an undergraduate tuition rate.


  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Statistics and research background
  • Instructor consent

  • NOTE: Some courses have only one version as counting in your undergraduate degree. These are marked with an "OR". For those classes you can take either the undergraduate or the graduate version BUT NOT BOTH.

    5xxx-level courses available to undergraduates and their equivalencies:

    Graduate Level Course Undergraduate Level Course
    Psy 5052 Advanced Statistics OR Psy 3020 Statistics
    Psy 5401 Advanced Social Psychology OR Psy 3201 Social Psychology
    Psy 5701 Advanced Personnel Psychology OR Psy 3701 Personnel Psychology
    Psy 5155 Forensic Psychology OR Crim 3355 Criminal Forensic Psychology
    Psy 5120 Career and Lifestyle Development
    Psy 5121 Psychopathology Over the Lifespan
    Psy 5621 Cognition and Emotion OR Psy 3621 Cognition
    Psy 5631 Biological Basis of Behavior OR Psy 3061 Physiological Psychology
    Psy 5702 Advanced Organizational Psychology OR Psy 3707 Organizational Psychology
    Psy 5021 Advanced Developmental Psychology