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BRIDGE - Summer 2007, Volume 25, #1

Message from the Chancellor

Former UMD Softball Assistant Coach Angie Eliason and
Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin were two of the believers who cheered
on the Women's Hockey Team as UMD captured the 2007 NCAA
National Championship runner-up title in March in Lake Placid, New York.

Greetings Alumni and Friends,

Over the past decade the University of Minnesota Duluth has diligently
pursued the goal of being A Great University on a Great Lake! In striving for that goal, we have identified programs with a dedication to maintaining the greatness of Lake Superior. Today the lake faces many challenges, from the water temperature rising, to the invasion of exotic species such as zebra
mussels. The lake continues to be the center of much of our focus as a community and as a university.

This edition of the Bridge focuses on the issue of fresh water. UMD is a leader in freshwater research, and we have a lot of work ahead of us in the coming decades. UMD has been aware of the fragility of the world's supply of fresh water for many years. Minnesota Sea Grant was established at UMD in 1975, followed by the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) in 1983, that includes the Center for Water and the Environment. Important newcomers to UMD's research base include the Large Lakes Observatory, which was formed in 1995, and the Center for Freshwater Research and Policy added in 1998. We have assembled one of the finest -- possibly the finest -- team of freshwater researchers in the world. I can guarantee that they are doing everything within their power to address this crucial issue. They study, monitor and help provide solutions that will improve the quality and assure the quantity of water for future generations.

Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin and former UMD hockey player Tuula Puputti,
who now works for the Finnish Olympic Committee.

Of special note in this issue is a story about Minnesota State Sen. Yvonne Prettner Solon and Rep. Thomas Huntley. These two individuals, Yvonne, a UMD alumna, and Tom, a UMD faculty member in the medical school, are leaders in Minnesota's political arena. They have been making significant strides to improve Minnesota's health care, environment, and education. Both of them have had successes this spring by sponsoring major bills, which have been enacted into law. We are proud of them for their dedication and are pleased to call them our own.

As I travel, alumni, donors, and friends have asked about the progress of our matching scholarship initiative, Reaching Higher. I have good news to report. Many generous supporters have already established new scholarships. You can read about a few of them in this publication. This substantial undertaking is a passion of mine because it will change the lives of hundreds of students and increase the academic excellence of the entire university.

UMD will participate as a partner in the FinnFest 2008 festivities, which will take place in Duluth from July 23-27, 2008. Last fall, I had the opportunity to visit Helsinki, Finland, with Diane Skomars, co-chair of FinnFest 2008. We met with Marilyn Ware, U.S. Ambassador to Finland, and invited Finnish officials to help the United States and Duluth celebrate FinnFest 2008. The President of Finland, President Tarja Halonen, has been invited to FinnFest 2008. While in Finland we had an excellent meeting with Jarmo Viinanen, Secretary General and Chief of the Cabinet, as well as with Ambassador Ware. In both instances there was enormous support for the festivities occurring in Duluth and great enthusiasm for our celebration.

Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin and the U.S.
Ambassador to Finland Marilyn Ware in Helsinki.

As a result of the last FinnFest in which UMD participated, a scholarship was endowed and 115 students were given awards. We are very proud of that initiative and look forward to our continued partnership with the country of Finland and also with the many Finnish Americans who have shared their traditions with UMD.

Thank you all for your generosity and support of me and the University of Minnesota Duluth. We continue to be a better university, and a stronger university, committed to solving the issues of freshwater mercury abatement as well as various other energy and environmental issues. We are proud to look for solutions and identify new questions related to our environment, in an effort to secure a strong future for both our environment and our university. With your support we will continue to serve Duluth, Northeastern Minnesota, and the Midwest, as well as the nation!

Again, I thank you for all you do for the University of Minnesota Duluth.

-- Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin


FinnFest, a national festival
celebrating Finnish-American
culture and Finland, will return to
Duluth July 23-37, 2008.
For more information, see


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