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BRIDGE - Summer 2007, Volume 25, #1

Bulldog Scrapbook and Reaching Higher Scholarship Initiative

Bulldog Scrapbook / Reaching Higher Scholarship Initiative

Bulldog Scrapbook

Darius Bockus '86 (BS Sociology) and his fiancé Linda Hobbs at the Denver alumni gathering in February. Mary Nordin (right) and journalism student Karin Gelschus who received the Gustaf A. Nordin Scholarship, named for the reporter, editor, political columnist, and radio show host.  



Vice Chancellor Bill Wade with Peggy Hanson, who accepted the Lake Superior Fundraising Executives (LSFRE) Philanthropy Award on behalf of Allete/Minnesota Power. Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin with Mary Young, who accepted a Philanthropy Award on behalf of the Chester and Clara Congdon family at the LSFRE event.


Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin with Jim '59 (BS Chemistry) and Susan Swenson who received an LSFRE Philanthropy Award.

LSBE Dean Kjell R. Knudsen (center) at a recent LSBE event with Fawzi Dimian (left) and Philip Friest (right), both retired faculty from the accounting department.


Vice Chancellor Vince Magnuson, Art Fry, the inventor of Post It Notes®, and CSE Dean James P. Riehl at the Engineering Scholarship Banquet in fall 2006. Fry was the guest speaker. He went to Duluth Central and then UMD for two years before transferring to the UM-Twin Cities for his engineering degree. Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin and CSE Dean James P. Riehl awarded the Presidents Club certificate to Robert Senkler '74 (BA Mathematics).



Bulldog Scrapbook / Reaching Higher Scholarship Initiative

Reaching Higher Scholarship Initiative

Top left : Ann Borken with College of Education and Human Service Professions Dean Paul Deputy. Top right : Sam and Ardis Beard and CSE Dean James P. Riehl in Seattle, Washington. Lower left : Mark Drazkowski. Lower center : Haakon L. and Carol J. Andreasen. Lower right : Donald Lane and Susan Bathory.


Alumni Donors Step Up with Matching Scholarships

Last summer, Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin announced UMD's new Reaching Higher Scholarship Initiative that will enable more students to concentrate fully on their academic challenges and not on the challenge of paying for their education. The goal is to increase the number of UMD's endowed scholarship awards. To ensure the greatest impact, UMD is matching each scholarship with institutional funds at the time they are awarded. Several of UMD's alumni and friends have already made commitments to the initiative.                  

Haakon and Carol Andreasen created a scholarship fund for undergraduate students studying business and economics and other majors. After Haakon '54 (BS Business and Economics) graduated from UMD, he went on to receive a MS degree from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. Haakon has held academic positions at UMD, the University of Iowa, and Northern Illinois University, where he taught business administration and economics and served as an academic administrator. For years, Carol was an x-ray technician at St. Luke's Hospital and Raiter Clinic/Hospital in Cloquet, Minn. Carol said her most valued accomplishment was, "raising five well-adjusted children." All five children have earned academic degrees at the masters or doctorate levels.

The reasons behind the Andreasens' gift can be summed up in three words: love, closure, and success. They feel love allows one to assist others to achieve their goals without expecting anything in return. A compulsion for closure allows one to focus on their goals. Success is achieving these goals and earning the desired academic degree. The Andreasens wish each scholarship recipient a tranquil quality of life.

Susan Bathory and Donald Lane of Duluth were also among the first to establish a scholarship. Their scholarship will benefit undergraduate students majoring in history. Susan '75 (BA History) received a JD '79 at the UM Law School and then moved to southern California where she spent 22 years with the same CPA firm (the last 15 as a partner). Susan met Don, a 20-plus-year Air Force veteran, when she visited Duluth in 2002 for the opening of the Weber Concert Hall. They relocated to Duluth in 2004, where Susan is a director at McGladrey & Pullen and Don is employed at Lyric Block Development, a subsidiary of Labovitz Enterprises in Duluth. Their daughter, Kareen, is a freshman at UMD studying graphic design. Needless to say, they feel a strong connection to UMD. "If I hadn't had a scholarship, I wouldn't have been able to attend UMD," said Susan. "The history department isn't the "glamour" major in the news getting big gifts, but history students are committed. Sometimes even a small amount can make a huge difference to someone's future."

Samuel and Ardis Beard have established a scholarship for undergraduates seeking a career in chemical or nuclear engineering. Both Ardis and Sam grew up on small dairy farms in northern Minnesota. They met at UMD, but their lives have taken them on a journey away from Minnesota.

After graduating from UMD, Sam '52 (BA Chemistry) received a BS in chemical engineering from the University of Washington and a MS degree in management from the MIT Sloan Business School. Sam's entire career was spent working in the nuclear industry, first as a chemical engineer and later in management positions. He retired as president, chairman of the board, and chief executive officer of Exxon Nuclear Company, Inc.

Ardis has served as an active volunteer, first in her children's schools and in community organizations, and later for the Mercer Island Guild-Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center.

The Beards say they made a gift to UMD because their roots are in Minnesota and at UMD.

Mark Drazkowski , who grew up in Ironwood, Mich., and on the Iron Range of Minnesota, has also created a scholarship. Mark '71 (BA Accounting) currently is president and CEO of Reinhart Food Service, LLC in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, which supplies over 30,000 foodservice locations in 31 states. "I've been fortunate since leaving Duluth," he said. "I'm a graduate of LSBE and I want to give something back to the school."

The Ann Borken Scholarship was established to assist undergraduate students pursuing a degree in elementary education.

After World War II, Ann Borken '67 (BAS Elementary Education), who earlier graduated from Duluth State Teachers College, took a job teaching soldiers returning from battle. The effects of war were severe, and many had to relearn basic skills, like reading. Ann never forgot this experience and went on to teach school for 30 years, returning to UMD for her bachelor's degree. Most of that time she taught first grade in the rural St. Louis County School District.

Ann's husband Ben taught history and was a school administrator in the St. Louis County system. Ben passed away in the 1980s.

Through her scholarship, Ann wants others to have the opportunity to teach. She said, "I loved my work and looked forward to each day. What could be finer than seeing about 30 youngsters smiling at you with no front teeth!"

For more information about the Reaching Higher Scholarship, call   218-726-7989 or 1-866-726-7110.

Bulldog Scrapbook / Reaching Higher Scholarship Initiative

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